How to Apply Ponytail Extensions

How to Apply Ponytail Extensions

POV: You just got your first Insert Name Here Ponytail Extension and you’re excited (as you should be!).... but now what?

We’re here to show you some easy tips and tricks to wear and maintain your hairs new BFF.

Welcome to Ponytails 101: your crash course to everything you need to know about your new ponytail extensions! 


What makes an INSERT NAME HERE ponytail the best?


With over 20 years of hair experience, our team of experts have perfected the most realistic vegan hair extensions: INFINI-FLEX™ technology. Almost impossible to differentiate from human hair, it feels super soft, blends easily & helps the appearance of “healthy” looking hair.

This means we can deliver luxury hair at a more affordable price point, and it comes ready for years of amazing hair: vibrant, perfectly prestyled, ready to wear & weatherproof. What’s the difference from cheap synthetics? Those fibers are thin, flammable, plasticy & unnaturally shiny.

With the proper maintenance, our ponytails will last a really long time! (Fun fact: our founders still wear the first ponytails we launched!)

What’s Included:

With every ponytail, you’ll receive:

       - 2 INH BB Pins & 1 INH Ponytie

       - 1 tester piece to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair

       - 1 reusable satin storage bag to preserve & protect your INSERT NAME HERE hair

How to Apply Your INSERT NAME HERE Wrap-Around Ponytail



We totally get that hair pieces can be intimidating, but INSERT NAME HERE ponytail extensions are super fast and easy to apply.

Let’s break it down!


  1. STEP 1: Put your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or ponytail braid (with a ponytail holder at the base & end of the braid).
  2. STEP 2: If you have long hair, put your natural hair into a braided bun. Tie your hair into a tight ponytail with an elastic and braid your hair.
  3. STEP 3: Tuck the end of your braid under the elastic or use bobby pins.
  4. STEP 4: Insert the comb of the INSERT NAME HERE ponytail extension under your natural ponytail's elastic tie, scooping upwards, to secure it into position.
  5. STEP 5: Secure the velcro of the ponytail extension's hair tail tightly around your ponytail's base. Next, wrap the hair tail, making sure the hair covers the velcro.
  6. STEP 6: Secure the ends of the hair tail in place with the bobby pins included. We provide two with every ponytail, but feel free to use as many as you need.

Pro tip: Make sure you have an INSERT NAME HERE Ponytie made to firmly hold ponytail extensions in place! You may even want to use 2 hair ties for an even more secure hold for fine, thin hair. Do not use fabric scrunchies.
When ponytails aren’t secure, this is often the culprit!

You can also slick down your fly-aways & frizz with our
Quick Slick or No Fly Zone hair pomade for a sleek look free of unwanted stray hairs or flyaways.


Ways to Style your Ponytail Extensions

There are so many ways to rock our ponytails. We’ve listed 5 of our favorite ways to wear them, but show us your own personal style by tagging #INHBabe on Instagram!


The Classic High Ponytail

Our favorite way to rock a ponytail! She’s super sophisticated & perfect for any occasion.


INH Babe @lovekatiecole wearing Miya in shade sandy blonde.



The Low-key Ponytail (Low Ponytail)

Wear her low when you’ve got places to go! 

INH Babe @_meagangreen wearing Maddy in shade black brown.



Pigtail Power

Yes, pigtails are in! Double up your favorite ponytail to rock this nostalgic look.

INH Babe @cadijhawilson wearing Shayla in black brown



Ponytails, The Remix

We love our classic shades that are color matched to a T, but it’s always fun to rock another shade or add Hi-LitesBangs or Fairy Floss to your pony look...
the options are endless.

INH Babe @stephhcardenas wearing Miya and Hi-Lites in shade Rose Gold.



Braids for Days

A fun way to switch up your Insert Name Here ponytail is to braid it! We recommend a fishtail or dutch braid, but don’t limit yourself. Your ponytail can do it all :) 

INH co-founder Sharon (@immbunny) wearing Miya.



Heat Resistance

Our ponytails are heat resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that our ponytails are pre-styled, and heat styling them will remove their original textures. Use the Safety Kit to extend the life of your hair and protect from heat damage.


Ponytail Aftercare

We all want to keep our inches looking perfect for as long as possible. Here are some tips and tricks on how to care for your INSERT NAME HERE ponytails:

  • Brush before and after each wear with the INH Brush and Emergency Revival Spray (save 10% with the Sidekicks bundle)
  • Wash your Insert Name Here hair pieces occasionally or if they’re really dirty. We don’t recommend frequently washing your hair pieces. Just wash them when you absolutely need to!
  • Store using the super cute reusable satin storage bag that comes with every ponytail! It helps prevent tangles and extends the life of your hair. 


Spray Emergency Revival Spray throughout the fibers. Lay your hair flat on a table, and hold the hair in sections to brush out any tangles. Starting at the ends, then mid section, and finally, up to the base. If you brush from top to bottom, the fibers can "stretch”, causing tangles and breakage, just like split ends on your real hair. Brush with the INH Brush before and after each wear. Store neatly in the provided storage bag to prevent tangles when not in use.

Curly or Wavy Ponytail Care

INH Babe @mariahclayton_  wearing Zoe in shade dark brown.


To detangle our curly or wavy ponytails, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers for optimal results. The next steps are similar to how you would brush any other ponytail.

Lay your ponytail on a flat surface and hold the hair about 4 inches from the end of the ponytail. Gently comb out any tangles at the ends. Once the bottom section is detangled, hold the mid section and repeat the process moving up towards the base. 


Curly Pro Tip: Before you comb through your curls you can mist her with water or spritz with Emergency Revival Spray. Then tousle her gently to restore her natural curl texture. For softer waves, brush your curly ponytails with a bristle brush.



@inhhair The issue here is… there is no issue 😅 #customerstories #customerstorytime #smallbusinesstiktok #smallbusiness ♬ original sound - INSERT NAME HERE


Washing your Ponytail

Yes, you can wash your clip-in ponytails! Here’s how:

  1. To start, brush and detangle your ponytail with the INH Brush and Emergency Revival Spray  (save 10% with the Sidekicks bundle!)
  2. Hold the wrap area with one hand and soak her under cool running water.
  3. Use a mild or synthetic wig shampoo and lather her with your other hand using circular motions with your fingers throughout the hair until clean. DO NOT RUB or lather into a ball!
  4. Rinse the shampoo and apply a good amount of some moisturizing conditioner or hair mask. For best results, leave the conditioner or hair mask on for about 5 to 10 minutes. (You can also leave it on overnight!). Note: do not use heavy leave-in creams or oils.
  5. Rinse the hair under cool running water until silky smooth. Lightly detangle any knots with fingers.
  6. Squeeze excess water, shake, then lay on a dry towel and let it air dry. 
  7. After she has fully dried, apply Super Shine Serum for a fresh, revived and soft finish.

WARNING: Do NOT blow dry your hair pieces! Doing so may result in damage to your strands. Air dry your hair for best results.
Can you dye the ponytails?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since they are made of pre-colored vegan fibers, you cannot dye the fibers with hair color. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from. But if you don't see your color, feel free to reach out to our development team! We love hearing from our INSERT NAME HERE Babes! 



And that concludes Ponytails 101! You’re now on your way to becoming a ponytail expert. We want to see your style!


Be sure tag us on Instagram, TiktokPinterestTwitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe to show us your looks.


Hi, i just got my molly but it’s completely different than the other ponys i have from Inh and not sure how to use it. There’s no velcro to wrap around, just two combs and netting?


Hi Kristin! We would love to give you some tips for your Jordynn ponytail. To detangle your curly ponies, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb for optimal results. The next steps are similar to how you would brush any other ponytail. Lay your ponytail on a flat surface and hold the hair about 4 inches from the end of the ponytail. Comb out any tangles at the ends. Once the bottom section is detangled, hold the mid section and repeat the process moving up towards the base.

Pro Tip: After you comb her, you can mist her with water or a light shine spray. Then tousle her gently to restore her natural curl texture :)


I just wanted to make sure I’m reading this correctly- I should NOT use the INH brush on my Jordynn? I just wore her for the first time yesterday and I’m so afraid of ruining her!


Hi Brittney, Thank you so much for your love and support! So happy to hear you loved your purchase, it really means a lot to us. We appreciate you :)


Hi Bianca,
Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we do not recommend cutting the clip part you are referring to as this may ruin the hair and style. Please let us know if you need anything else! :)


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