How to Apply Clip in Hair Extensions

How to Apply Clip in Hair Extensions

Hi! My Name is Kyra. I’m going to give you a super easy break down on how to apply clip in hair extensions!

If you have thin hair and just want to add a bit of volume, or short hair and looking to add length – this quick and easy hair extensions tutorial will show you just how easy Insert Name Here Clip in Extensions are to use! Best part? You can take them in and out as much as you want without causing any damage to your hair.

How to Put in Clip in Hair Extensions?

For this tutorial we are using the 7 Piece, 18” INH Remy Hair Clip in Extensions in the shade Honey Blonde but if you want something longer, we have the 22 inch hair extensions also available with 100% remy human hair guarantee.


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Step 1

Start with dry, tangle free hair. Use your finger or a comb to section off a thin layer of hair at the nape of your neck.

Be sure the line is as straight as possible. Clip up the rest of your hair.

Optional: Use hairspray and a fine tooth comb to tease your hair and help prevent your hair extensions from sliding.

Step 2

Gently brush out your Remy clip in hair extensions from tip to root with a soft paddle brush.

Next, take the 3 Clip Weft in your bundle and be sure it fits across the sectioned portion of your hair. Starting with the center clip, clip the extension evenly across the sectioned portion of hair, as close to your roots as possible.

Step 3

Section off a second layer of hair and repeat

  1. Take the 4 remy clip in hair extensions in your bundle, and repeat
  2. Remember to start with the middle clip and work your way outwards, keep the weft tight enough to prevent bumps.

Repeat with the second 4 Clip Weft.


Now, what remains are your 4 small clip in hair extension pieces. Use these on the sides of your hair to create volume and blend any layers. Apply the smallest wefts close to your hairline above your ear. Repeat on the other side. Use the remaining and apply to any areas that need help blending.

Gently brush your hair and check to be sure no clips are visible.

And that’s how to put in clip in hair extensions!

Tip: Change up your look even more with Zooey – our best selling remy clip in bangs human hair. These clip in bangs are super easy to use and pair great with clip in hair extensions.



Ps. Don’t stress. You can’t mess this up. The more you apply them the more you will see what works best for you and your hairstyle. Play around a bit with the placement of the small clips to see what works best for you. Share your look of the day with us by tagging @insertnamehere on Instagram and use the hashtag #INHBabe to inspire others of your look.


I want it I don’t want curtains I want it so that I can use a heat tool to melt the bond onto my hair and I want real hair in platinum bleach blonde

Debbie Tremblay

Would like to find an extension for my hair to match my hair started falling now and I’m not in love with it at this moment would love something to feel more confident and better about myself at this time until I can figure out why my hair is falling out so much

Melissa Gonzales-Vasquez

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