How to Achieve a Slick Back Bun in 5 Easy Steps

How to Achieve a Slick Back Bun in 5 Easy Steps

Have you seen Sofia Richie bun trend? Well, getting TikTok’s favorite slick back bun just got a lot easier. Let's dive in!

Why is Sofia the best old money hairstyle? 



INH Babe @lucydeux wearing Sofia Bun in shade Copper


Tiktok's favorite slick back bun has never been easier! No more tying, twisting, teasing, or lengthy tutorials for a pretty updo. Sofia is the only true instant sleek & chic bun you need. Designed for convenience & comfort, this clip-in bun is a hair hack for those with thin, fine, or short hair – think of it like botox for your bun.


How to Apply Sofia Clip-in Bun?

Step 1: To achieve the perfect bun, start with dry, tangle free hair. Using your fingers and your Never Knotty vegan bristle brush  gather hair into a top knot (baby bun) & secure it with a sturdy elastic. Quick Slick back any unwanted stray hairs or flyaways.


Step 2: Widen the base of your clip-in bun by pressing the adjustable drawstring buckle and pulling outward. This will expand the netting to fit over your natural bun.


Step 3: Apply your clip-in bun over your natural bun, and then begin to slide her inner combs under the base of your bun, ensuring they’re securely underneath your hair tie.


Step 4: Hold on tight! Further secure your clip-in bun extensions in place by pulling and tightening the adjustable drawstring buckle, locking your preferred size into place.


Step 5: Be sure to tuck in the excess drawstring ends inside the bun after wrapping it around the base of your bun. Use bobby pins or another hair elastic to secure the loose ends and complete your style.


Go to our How-To Guide for tips & tricks for your bun extensions.

How to Wear Sofia Bun


Sleek Top Bun

INH Babe @mayaangelart wearing Sofia Bun in shade Honey and Pearl Pins


Coquette Buns

INH Babe @lovekatiecole wearing Sofia Bun in Sandy Blonde



INH Babe @helloev1e wearing Sofia Bun in shade Black Brown & Pearl Pins


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No need for a glam squad – just you, your bun hair extension, and a whole lot of sass. So, the next time you're feeling that sleek updo itch, remember these five easy steps and unleash your inner old-money girly. Because why just admire the style when you can own it, right? 


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