HI-LITES lookbook cover image with model wearing multiple shades of hi-lites throughout her hair

Hi-Lites Lookbook

We love our new Hi-Lites because they’re fun, colorful, easy to apply, and super versatile. You can trim them to *any* length and clip them in *wherever* you please. Plus, they come in 8 different shades: Aqua Blue, Pink, Red, White, Rose Gold, Lavender, Bronde, and Smoke. We know the sheer number of possibilities might be overwhelming, so we created a handy dandy lookbook with some of our favorite Hi-Lite styles for inspo.


We know you’ve seen (and love) the latest TikTok hair trend: colorful e-girl bangs framing your face. We absolutely love it, and now you can recreate it with 0 bleach, 0 damage, and 0 commitment! Plus, with their impeccably seamless application, you can apply Hi-Lites directly to your part line and they’ll look perfectly natural, as if you really dyed your hair.  

                bronde hi-lites on model


Get creative! Our Hi-Lites come in 8 shades for a reason - so you have an expansive palette to work with. Clip away and try a polychromatic vibe for some serious color and fun. With 0 damage and 0 commitment, Hi-Lites are the absolute perfect way to experiment and get crafty wearing tons of different shades throughout the entirety of your hair. Some color combos we LOVE are...

model wearing mutliple shades of hi-lites


One of our favorite looks is wrapping your ponytail with our Hi-Lites. This is a great fun way to wear our Hi-Lites and will spice up your ponytail in just a few seconds. If you’ve been hesitant to try our colorful ponies (Magical Miyas and Lilac/Coral Lolas), this is the perfect way to test out a pop of color in your pony before going all the way. Check out our bestselling ponies, Shayla, Brit, and Miya, accented by our Hi-Lites...

model wearing lilac hi-lite styled in her bangs and wraped around her pony


We LOVE the look of intermingling your own hair with Hi-Lites through braiding! Just clip your preferred Hi-Lites (as many as you’d like) to your natural part line and braid away as you normally would, including sections of Hi-Lites and sections of your natural hair as well. Try smoke or bronde for a subtle, natural look: 

bronde hi-lites braided as front framing pieces


If you’re feeling bold, trim away! We recommend measuring the proper length prior to trimming - remember you can always trim more away, but you can’t get back what you already trimmed! 

Try out a Kylie Jenner-inspired bronde bang look for a natural, statement look. 

kylie jenner with bronde bangs


For a less bold, more subtle look, clip a Hi-Lite to a section of your part line near the behind of your ear. This look is super cute when you tuck it behind your ear for a fun pop of color. Sometimes less is more… 

smoke hi-lites placed behind the ears  



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