The 9 Best Hair Masks For Every Hair Concern *INH Team Approved*

The 9 Best Hair Masks For Every Hair Concern *INH Team Approved*

We reviewed the best hair masks in town - these are our recommendations

Choosing the best hair mask that fits your exact hair needs can be tricky. Luckily, there are plenty of hair masks out there that are rich in natural active ingredients that give your hair the nourishment it deserves. 

After some rigorous testing and experimentation at INH we've rounded up the 9 best hair masks for you to show your strands some TLC. 

Read on to learn more...

Hair mask for dry hair:

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask With Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil


Pocket pinch: $69



Have dry, damaged strands that are in need of some love? We feel you, babe. Factors like overprocessing, a stressful lifestyle, too much bleaching and coloring can leave your beautiful tresses all dry, damaged and lifeless. 

Thanks to Christophe Robin's Regenerative Hair Mask, you can get back hair that's once again sleek, smooth and healthy!  

The Regenerative Mask is concentrated in prickly pear oil – a rare active ingredient that's rich in vitamin E. FYI, Vitamin E is great stuff for hair. It restores the protein and keratin of your hair, which makes hair healthy, and of course, smoother and shinier! 

Agreed, the price is a bit on the higher end. But the active ingredients and amount in one bottle (8.4oz) easily makes it worth it. Apply it twice a week to restore health and shine to your hair. 

Quick tip: A small dollop of the hair mask will do if you have fine hair. 

Hair mask for fine hair 

Ouai Fine To Medium Hair Treatment Masque



Pocket pinch: $38

All my fine-haired babes, brace yourselves! Finally a hair mask that's created solely for us *cue falsetto*. Yes, the Ouai Fine To Medium Hair Treatment Masque was formulated specifically for thin, damaged fine hair. 

Boasting an active ingredient list that consists of shea butter, panthenol and keratin proteins (the hair care OGs) you best bet this one will do wonders for your hair. 

Where shea butter helps to hydrate and soften dry, damaged hair. Panthenol does its magic to bring back shine and make your hair stronger at the roots. And clearly the star of the show, keratin helps stop breakage, frizz and flyaways. Where can you find a better hair care trio?! 

As cherry on top, this hair mask is infused with a sweet, floral Melrose Place scent - featuring notes of rose, cedarwood. With this hair mask, the brand has clearly found a ouai into our hearts and our self-care routine! 

Hair mask for bouncy curls

NaturALL Club Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner


Pocket pinch: $4.75

If you're a curly or coiled-hair babe, this natural hair mask will help you level up your curl game big time. The NaturALL Club Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner hair mask comes in three formulas - dry, damaged and dull hair - so you can choose the one that fits your hair concern. 

The main ingredient in this hair mask is avocado. Rich in vitamins B and E, avocado helps to repair damaged hair and scalp. It also helps lock in moisture, which in turn leaves your tresses softer, smoother and silkier (go avo!) 

This deep-conditioning hair mask is highly recommended and is one of the best hair masks for tight curls. It makes hair softer, bouncier and frizz-free. Apply it every one or two weeks and see the magic! Remember babe, consistency is the key. 

And heads up: Since it's an all natural hair mask, it can go bad pretty fast. So best to store it in the fridge. 

Hair mask for defined curls


Pattern Treatment Mask


Pocket pinch: $25

Coming right up - this one's another game-changer for curly hair. 

Launched by one of our fave TV actors Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern is a brand that's going above and beyond to create products for curly-haired queens. 

Like the Pattern Treatment Mask. This hair mask is luxurious in feel and perfect for coilies and tight texture curls. It's formulated with powerful ancient ingredients like fermented rice water and moringa seed extract - which were used in ancestral natural remedies. These have both softening and strengthening properties that make your hair hydrated, soft and nourished. 

Plus, they add some serious definition to your curls. With a gorgeous fragrance and clean ingredients, this is our go-to curly hair mask. 

So if you wanna give your hair a much-needed spa day, apply this hair mask for 10-15 mins, slip on your shower cap and let it do its thing! 

Moisturizing hair mask 

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask


Pocket pinch: $30

Hello hydration! This ultra-luxurious hydrating hair mask is the fix to bring dead strands back to life. 

Where do we even begin with this one? To start with, the Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask is packed with vitamins and nutrients that deep condition your hair, leaving it oh-so-soft and silky! 

The main ingredient is jojoba seed oil which, FYI, is Mother Nature's own moisturizer that helps soften hair. But wait for this. The second ingredient is quite unique and you'll rarely hear it being used in hair care. It's sea buckthorn! Not known to many, this naturally sourced ingredient is loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that keep your beautiful tresses healthy and nourished.

Damage repair hair mask


Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep-conditioning Mask 


Pocket pinch: $38

Is your hair prone to damage from too much heating, bleaching or coloring? Fret not, we found this hair mask to reverse all the damage! 

Specially formulated for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair, Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair! Deep-conditioning Mask takes hydration and damage repair very seriously.

What makes this one a winner is its envious ingredient list. 

Made with a powerful blend of rosehip oil, almond oil algae extract and B-vitamins, this hydrating hair mask is rich in amino acids, minerals and fatty acids that boost hair health. The antioxidant-rich formula goes deep into the roots to strengthen hair and protect scalp from free radical damage. 

The result? Hair that's stronger, shinier and more resilient. 

Applying once a week is enough. Leave it on for 10 minutes to see best results. 

Hair mask for color-treated hair 


It’s a Ten Miracle Hair Mask

Pocket pinch: $46.75 

Confession time, babe: we're obsessed with heat styling. We love recreating trending pop-culture looks and flaunting new hairdos. We're guessing so do you? (besties!) 

But there's a catch. Using styling tools and hot tools too often can leave hair sad, dull and damaged. It sucks all the life out of hair. 

To combat heat damage, we recommend It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask – a nourishing hair mask that can resuscitate your hair back to life. 

This hair mask is blessed with restorative and rejuvenating powers - thanks to an array of superb ingredients. 

From antioxidant-rich oat kernel extract to apricot kernel oil and linseed extract, these ingredients calm the scalp, restore moisture balance, and hair elasticity. To top it off, they also boost the shine and vibrancy of colors. So if your highlights have turned dull over time, expect them to shine bright once again after applying this mask. A true miracle! 

Smoothing hair mask 


Triple Brazilian Butter™ Hair Repair Treatment


Pocket pinch: $36

Want ultra-soft buttery hair that slips effortlessly through your fingers (who doesn't?!) Then you'll def want to try the Triple Brazilian Butter™ Hair Repair Treatment hair mask by Soldejaneiro.  

This luxe hair mask combines a medley of three Brazilian butters - Cupuaçu, Murumuru, and Tucumã (so exotic!) that provide intensive hydration, deep nourishment, and resistance to hair breakage. 

Plus, the unique formula adds much-needed moisture back to your strands leaving you with soft, hydrated and healthy-looking luscious hair. 

Rich in plant-based keratins, omega fatty acids and healthy hair fats (think lauric and stearic acid), this hair mask really goes above and beyond to give you a salon-style hair treatment, right at home. And we're here for it! 

All-in-one hair mask 


Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Repairing Treatment



Pocket pinch: $30

Over the years, Olaplex has gained quite a reputation for itself in the hair industry. Hair stylists and salon professionals often swear by their products because of how good they work on every type of hair. Turns out, the same can be said for their hair mask too.  

Recommended by Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Byrdie, and hairstylists and beauty editors alike, Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is hands-down one of the best hair masks you will find. 

Formulated by real chemists in a lab, Olaplex uses their own patented bond-building technology. It restores and rebuilds the broken disulfide bonds in your hair (caused by frequent bleaching and coloring). This way, it reverses damage and restores overall hydration and hair health. Oh, one more thing.  As this hair mask isn't loaded with excessive proteins, it isn't too heavy on your hair. 

So depending on the level of damage, use it throughout the week to see the best results! 

Rounding Up 

Those were the best hair masks under our radar. Now it's your time to treat yourself to a relaxing hair care session from home! 

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