Hair Class: How to Care for Your Hair

how to wash, how to brush, how to store

Hey INH babes 💕So you just bought this new hair, and you are so excited! But then you’re suddenly wondering, how the heck do I take care of this? Do I wash it like normal hair? If I wash it, will I ruin it? Are there any specific INH hair extension care instructions?

Well, class is in session! After getting many requests from you guys, we’re going to give you the full breakdown on exactly how to take care of clip in hair extensions, wigs, or any other INH hair products for that matter. Washing, brushing, storing, and all! ✨

💡 Lesson 1: Vocab

The first thing to know is that INH uses two different types of hair: Japanese Synthetic Fiber and Remy Human Hair. So what exactly does that mean?

Japanese synthetic fiber is very unique. Unlike the cheap fibers often used for wigs and ponytail extensions, this fiber is non-plasticky, non-shiny, and coated with non-flammable technology. This hair feels the closest to human hair touch. Our products with Japanese synthetic fiber include ponytail extension, wigs, U-Clip extensions, and buns!

Remy Human Hair means that the cuticles of each strand are aligned in the same direction as it grew. What does that mean for you? It means that this is healthy hair that is tangle-free and can last 9+ months with proper care. Our products with 100% Remy Human Hair include 7-piece extensions and clip-in bangs!

Now that you know the difference, let’s talk about INH hair wigs and hair extension care instructions to help you maintain that beautiful hair.

💡 Lesson 2: Washing

Yes, you can wash INH hair. 🚿

🚿Can you wash synthetic hair extensions? Yes, any hair made of Japanese synthetic fiber can be washed using a mild shampoo, or a shampoo made specifically for wigs. As for your 7-piece extensions and clip-in bangs, made with 100% Remy Human hair, make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo. In order to keep hair smooth, feel free to use a leave-in conditioner, detanglers, or serums on any of our products.

After you’re done washing, you might be wondering how to dry hair extensions. It is MOST important that you let the product air dry. Please don’t try getting “creative” or you risk ruining your hair.

💡 Lesson 3: Brushing

When it comes to brushing, we recommend using a paddle brush that can brush hair without tugging or pulling.

For the brushing technique, we always recommend brushing from the ends. We recommend you always lay your product on a flat surface when brush. This will help prevent breakage! Position your brush about 4 inches from the end of the hair, then brush down. Once the bottom portion is successfully detangled, position your brush about 8 inches from the end of the hair, then brush down. Continue this process until all sections are detangled!

💡 Lesson 4: Storing

One of the most important hair extension care instructions is storing!

For ponies and wigs, we recommend storing in a hairnet (provided with all purchases) then keeping in the provided satin INH hair bag.

For how to store hair extensions, we recommend storing in original plastic packaging.

For bangs and clip in bun, we recommend putting back into the original storage box for safekeeping.

Congrats, you passed your first INH Hair Class! 🎉We hope you found this lesson helpful and feel free to leave any questions in the comments below!

We want to see pics of you in your properly cleaned hair! Share your photos by tagging us on IG @insertnamehere and use the hashtag #INHBabe ✨


  • Hannah

    this is excellent! now I can take care of my pony!

  • THelma

    Love the info! Good to know I can wash my INH hair!

  • Annalee

    Thank you so much! I tried ponytails from other brands and it got all frayed and frizzy because they didn’t tell me how to properly care for it. This helps a lot!

  • Tiffany

    Didn’t know i could Wash my pony! how awesome. Thanks for the tips ❤️

  • The_miniromero

    I am so happy there are all of the wonderful articles and tips, i most def need the knowledge. I am slightly intimidated by all of this, but i am learning as much as possible before i try it out! thank you for having such a great lively place to turn to!! you do a fabulous job!!! i appreciate you!!

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