Hair 101: How to Care for Your Hair

Hair 101: How to Care for Your Hair

A crash course on how to brush, wash, style and store all your INH faves!


The easiest way to ensure that your locks stay smooth and silky is by brushing them regularly. Just like your real hair, our products may tangle with wear. To properly brush your INH products, we recommend you use the INH Brush. It’s lightweight and easy to use, while its mixed layered bristles guarantee that no strand is missed.

As for brushing technique, you should brush the hair in sections. Lay the product flat on a table and use a detangling spray to help remove and prevent knots and tangles. Next, you’ll want to brush the hair starting roughly about 4 inches from the bottom of the hair. Use gentle, soft downward strokes. Once you’re done, move up 8 inches from the bottom and repeat the process until you’ve slowly made your way to the base. Do not brush from base to ends, as this can cause split ends (and no one likes those!).



Did you know that you can and should wash your INH faves so that they are clean, fresh, and ready to be worn again and again?

Whether it’s 100% Remy Human Hair or our special mixed Japanese synthetic fiber hair, our products need to be occasionally washed to restore their beautiful original looks. You can use either a mild shampoo or one that’s made specifically for wigs or synthetic fiber hair. Our Remy Human Hair products should be washed with a light sulfate-free shampoo. You are also free to use detanglers, leave-in conditioners, or serums on any INH product.

It’s absolutely essential to let your items air dry, as anything else will potentially damage your beautiful locks!



If you don’t already know, yes, you can use all your favorite heat tools on our products (except for a blowdryer 一 you’re air drying, remember?).

The heat resistance of each item may vary, so it’s extremely important to check the item’s product page in the “ABOUT” section. Usually the highest temperature recommended for our products is 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that if the product is pre-styled, meaning it was originally curly, wavy, or shaped in any way that isn’t completely straight, you will lose the look permanently by using a hot tool.



So you’ve brushed and washed your INH faves and you’re wondering what is the best 

way to store it to preserve its longevity. Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

INH provides all the storage tools you’ll need to keep your faves in tiptop shape. 


  • PONYTAILS & WIGS: You should store these in the hairnets included in your package, and keep them in the bags they came in
  • HAIR EXTENSIONS: We recommend that you store these in their original plastic packaging.
  • BANGS & CLIP-IN BUNS: These can be stored in their original storage box.

    Now that you know all about how to manetain your INH faves, we want to see your hair in action! Tag us in your best INH hair looks on Instagram at @insertnamehere and be sure to join our Facebook group, INH Babes, for a positive community of beauty and hair lovers!

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    this is excellent! now I can take care of my pony!


    Love the info! Good to know I can wash my INH hair!


    Thank you so much! I tried ponytails from other brands and it got all frayed and frizzy because they didn’t tell me how to properly care for it. This helps a lot!


    Didn’t know i could Wash my pony! how awesome. Thanks for the tips ❤️


    I am so happy there are all of the wonderful articles and tips, i most def need the knowledge. I am slightly intimidated by all of this, but i am learning as much as possible before i try it out! thank you for having such a great lively place to turn to!! you do a fabulous job!!! i appreciate you!!


    Are you allowed to style your hair? like straighten them or curl them? if so, what is the proper way of doing so.

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