How To Use Filling Fine Hair Filler

How To Use Filling Fine Hair Filler

Filling fine, feeling good. 

Meet Filling Fine, our new duo-end powder stick to conceal sparse, thinning, or patchy hairlines. This baby can make thinning hair look 10 times fuller in seconds! Talk about a confidence booster. 

Sparseness around your hairline is totally normal. Less than 50% of women have a completely full head of hair for their entire lives. And Mamas, postpartum hair loss is super common. This hair filler provides confidence & peace of mind. It'll be your new favorite hair product for bald spots. 


Let’s get into how Filling Fine can cover hair loss and make you feel so good about all your hairstyles.



INH Babe @alexandra.g.g_ using Filling Fine in shade Black Brown + Natural Black. 



Wherever there’s sparseness, Filling Fine has got you covered. 

This multi-use stick is a quick fix for bald spots, receding hairlines, and cover hair loss & thinning hair. It blends seamlessly into your hair, making it seem thicker & fuller at the root. 

Got some gray hairs starting to show? Filling Fine can camouflage those too! You can even fill in beards & eyebrows. She's a multitalented hair concealer. 


Pro Tip: When filling eyebrows, use an angled eyebrow brush and dip in the powder cap. Apply as you would your eyebrow powder for a transfer & waterproof eyebrow filling solution. 



She’s one of a kind, babe! Filling Fine for worry-free thicker, fuller looking hairstyles is unlike any other hairline filler & hair loss concealer in the USA.


Kinder hair care: Made with the highest quality vegan & cruelty-free ingredients. It’s gentle formula is non comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and includes Kaolin (a natural clay that draws impurities & toxins out). 


Multi-purpose: Fills in hairline bald spots, covers gaps, disguises grays, and perfects eyebrows & beards. Create the look of thicker hair in seconds! Never stiff, sticky, or waxy or fake looking like hair mascaras or crayons. 

DIY & Beginner-Friendly: Our precise application stick is fast, easy to use, and looks completely natural. No one will detect Filling Fine mineral powder - even if they get a close up view.

Globetrotter: No mess, no stress! Made for travel-friendly applications – everything you need to achieve a full thick look is built into our dual end stick. No need to fumble with brushes & compacts or sprays when you’re on the go.


Don’t sweat it: Lasts all day & night, through wind, rain and sweat– Filling Fine is waterproof, sweatproof and transferproof. You can even swim in it! Discreet & undetectable, you can feel free to live it up, it won’t smear or stain your skin, sheets or clothing.


All for one & one for all: Filling Fine is a great bald spot filler for everyone, is made for all hair types, textures & is safe for sensitive scalps. Even our applicator tip is non-irritating, with a pillow soft sponge. 



  1. Apply to dry hair.
  2. Dip the applicator sponge in the cap & twist it around to coat it with the mineral powder.
  3. Use your free hand to pull hair flat against your head, and gently press the applicator against the exposed scalp area around your hairline & scalp to add density for a fuller look. 
  4. Press into roots, starting from the hairline and working out towards your crown (the back of your head). Our two tone stick is made for a gradual effect: if it suits your hair color, use the lighter shade near the face where hair appears naturally lighter, and once you apply towards the back of your hair use the darker color. 


Pro tip: don’t rub, gently dab or stroke & fill in as much as you need.






Filling Fine is a waterproof hair loss concealer. How long your Filling Fine will last depends on how often you use it & how much coverage you need.

We predict the following, based on the amount of exposed scalp coverage:

  • For partial coverages/hairlines: Lasts up to 1 year.  
  • For larger area coverage: Lasts up to 6 months.


INH founder @jordynn.wynn using Filling Fine in shade Natural Brown / Ash Brown.


Filling Fine comes in two shades: Black (Jet Black/Black Brown) and Brown (Ash Brown/Brown). 


Dark Filling Fine works with jet black, black brown, dark brown shades.
Light Filling Fine works with honey blonde (max. lightest shade), ash blonde, ash brown, toffee


If you’ve got a little ombre action going on, make sure to choose the Filling Fine shade that matches exclusively to your roots. 



Filling Fine is waterproof, so it stays in place until it’s shampooed out. That means until your next wash day, your thick hair look will remain in place if you sweat, get caught in the rain or even go swimming. You need to use shampoo on your hair in order for the mineral powder to be removed.

If you make a mistake during application, simply use makeup remover or soap & water on the area you’d like to remove. 


INH Babe @gmartistry using Filling Fine in shade Black Brown + Natural Black.


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