Did you hear that? It’s the sound of a queen walking in. That’s right, it’s that special time when we choose a new member from our Facebook group to be deemed babe of the month.

Introducing, Kristin Ashley @kristinashleyxo

She started her INH journey right when the pandemic hit in March 2020 as a way to stray away from heat and chemical damage (kudos to her for breaking the cycle!)-- Since then, she’s been building up quite the INH collection. 

Let’s dive into what makes this babe of the month so special...


INH babe @kristinashleyxo wearing Taylor


What are your pronouns? She/her

Where are you from? San Diego born and raised! Specifically I was raised in a small rural town named Alpine.


INH babe @kristinashleyxo  wearing Rosie


What do you do?

I am a receptionist for a renowned waxing salon with locations in California, Nevada, Texas and New Jersey. I will be going to school this year to become an aesthetician and plan to focus on lash extensions.

What is your Zodiac Sign?

SCORPIO BABY!! As my mother likes to joke… I’ll sting you twice.


INH babe @kristinashleyxo wearing Hana


What is your hair type?

My natural hair resembles a lion’s mane! Super thick, coarse, tight kinks at the root, wavy with some curls and FRIZZY!!

What and when was your first INH purchase?

March 2020 right when the pandemic hit! I purchased Brit in honey and within days ordered Gigi and Demi (hint hint to bring them back).


INH babe @kristinashleyxo wearing Brit in shade honey blonde. 

What is your hair concern?

All the damage I’ve done over the years from heat tools, bleach and chemical straightening treatments (thank goodness for INH).


Left to right (all honey): Brit, Shayla, Lily, Molly, Miya, Kacey, Ariana/Alyssa.


Why did you choose these favorites?

I chose these items as my favorites because they make me feel the most confident. Hana and Billie allow me to rock fun colors without ruining my natural hair. Natalia is absolutely the most comfortable wig ever created by INH (shoutout to Ivy for being a close second). And Henny is the closest match  to my natural hair color that I haven’t seen since high school. As for Lily I feel she is EASILY the most underrated ponytail. The romantic curls are absolute perfection and I feel she can totally be dressed up or down.


How many products do you own?

At one point I owned over 40-50 products. I experienced a severe financial crisis months back and was forced to sell the majority of my collection. I have about 10-15 pieces now.


Left to right: Kyra, Gigi, Bunny, Goldie, Demi and Skye.


How does INH make you feel?

I’ll answer this in two parts. The products themselves make me feel SO confident, sassy and chic. However the best feeling I’ve received from INH is the love and acceptance from all the babes in our community. Y’all have made such a tremendous positive impact in my life. I have made so many amazing friends (who I’ve never even met in person)! I am beyond grateful to INH for not only putting their hearts and souls into their products, but also fostering such a supportive, loving and inclusive community.


INH babe @kristinashleyxo wearing Billie


Who/Where do you look for hair inspo?

Jessa Hinton is major hair goals for me. Anyone with voluminous red hair = goals.


From left to right: Miya in shade Mahogany; Miya in shade Red Wine; Miya in shade Burgundy; 

Favorite hair hack?

I’m NOT good with any hair hacks to be quite honest… but I can curl hair like a boss (using a flat iron preferably).

A big thanks to Kristin for being such a loyal member of the INH community! Your collection is #goals and is seriously something to aspire to. 

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To join Kristin in being a part of INH's inclusive and uplifting community, click here. With juicy updates on new collections, discounts & more, you def won't regret it. 

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