Easy Heatless Hairstyles for Fall

Easy Heatless Hairstyles for Fall

Sometimes, you reach a split end with your hot tools and need a little break.
Or maybe it’s one of those mornings when you wake up with little to no time to blow dry and curl your hair. 


Well don’t worry babes, because we have a hot read for you!
The hair community has been blowing us away with tricks to beautiful heatless hairstyles lately – so today we’re sharing a few heatless hairstyles that are trending for fall.
The best part? They’re quick and easy enough to use everyday! 


Read on for the top 6 trending picks for heatless hairstyles that we are definitely here for…


1. Air Dry Curls, But Better Than Imagined   

When you're busy, sometimes walking out the door with wet hair is a necessity, but many of us won’t know what the end result will look like until noon hits. If you're looking for a better way to air dry curls, you came to the right place. To get beautiful heatless curls, try out the trending Tik Tok curling ribbon method


This technique is super simple. You can do it right before bed and wake up with no worries about what your curls will look like anymore. You can use household items like bathrobe belts, socks, or even a t-shirt (you can also order a curling ribbon tool which is still pretty affordable).


So grab your tool of choice and watch the video below for your easy tutorial to heatless curls. Pro tip: Use Quick Slick to get those flyaways back in place throughout the day, even if you’re on the go



Reply to @brooke.simondsx has made my hair so healthy too! #hairtutorial #heatlesscurls #sockcurls

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 2. Classic Space Buns

Nostalgic space buns are a must. They’ve been trending since the early ‘90’s, so we can guess that they will never really go out of style. Better yet, space buns are an easy heatless hairstyle to achieve and it’s versatile enough to put your own little twist on the trend. All you need is a comb or bristle brush, ponytail holders, and bobby pins. 


Some quick tips for this hairstyle…

  • For thinner hair: tease your hair for more volume or if you like big buns try pre-styled Miley buns for more volume
  • For longer hair: braid or twist the hair before you wrap it into buns for easier manageability 
  • Add to the look by pulling some front pieces out for those on-trend cute wispys
  • Try them messy, in ballerina buns, or in half-up half down styles, the sky’s the limit


The video below shows how easy and fast this heatless hairstyle is with Miley Buns



The new Miley Buns and Selena bang! So cute when you want to switch up your look 🥰✨ @inhhair #inh #inhbabe #inhhair

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3. Running late? Braid!

We all have those days when we are running late, and the best heatless hairstyle for a day like this is the always trending braid. Whether it's a rope braid or traditional plait braid, you can do this with your own hair or a ponytail extension. All you need are ponytail holders and quick slick, hair gel or a finishing spray.


This is an easy heatless hairstyle for any activity. Watch the video down below for a quick go-to tutorial of how this INH Babe uses the Sharon pony to create three quick looks. Be done and chic-looking in 2 minutes so you can get out that door! 



INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing our BRAND NEW Sharon pony😍✨ #hair #hairstyle #hairinspo #inhhair #hairtutorial #ponytailextensions

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4. Wrapped in a Bow

A fall trend we’re here for? Pretty, romantic up-dos with bows, scrunchies, and hair scarfs.
All you need is your favorite color of scrunchie or a chic bow for the hair tie, and a brush to make sure there’s no hair tangles. 


This no heat hairstyle is ideal for second day hair, and is pretty effortless to undo and change up throughout the day too. Check out the tutorial below of how to re-create this simple up-do.



@kirstenzellers twisted ponytail and prettiest bow scrunchie from @HairitageByMindy 🏹🎻 #hairtok #lucky #fashionhaul ♬ just like magic - Ariana Grande

5. Best Hair Hack...Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions are the best beauty industry secret to fuller, pre-styled hair in seconds. They’re the go-to choice for celebrity hairstylists and are worn by pretty much every A-lister out there at one point or another. Save the drama, and get yourself DIY pre-styled ponytail extentions, clip-in buns, wigs, U-clip, or Remy hair extensions! 


You can make your hair look glam everyday of the week. They’re a big help for these protective styles & effortless heatless hairstyles– or if you skipped hair wash day, again (trust us, we do it all the time!).

Watch the video to see how one of our INH Babes gets her dreamy ponytail in seconds. 



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6. More is More: Accessorize Your Style With Jewels

Throwing it back to the early 2000s! A quick heatless hair makeover that can also add a little excitement to your fall hair: hair jewels. Hair jewels are all the rave lately and are easy to add to your hair, a Lola Ponytail, or any hair extensions! Shine bright this fall and pick out some sparkly gems that catch your eye. 

 You can never have too many hair jewels, so thankfully there are so many inexpensive ways to find them. One of our favorite ways to try the trend is to find small businesses that sell them!

Check out how this babe uses hair jewels to make her pony stand out.



Even when it seems like there’s no time for your hair, heatless hair hacks always save the day. Try them all out and choose your favorite emergency no heat hair hack (& tag us @insertnamehere #inhbabe)


Be sure to share these heatless hairstyle hacks with all of your friends 💕


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