Dopamine Glam, the TikTok Trend That Makes You Feel Good

Dopamine Glam, the TikTok Trend That Makes You Feel Good

Have you heard of Dopamine Glam, babe? The TikTok trend is the complete opposite of the clean girl aesthetic.

The key to achieving this trend? Tons of color, accessories & the most important thing? High doses of fun & joy. 

More Than Colorful Makeup Looks

As you know, many aspects of our regular lives changed after the lockdown period, including how we consumed fashion & beauty content. The market changed around the world, resulting in more colorful garments, neon makeup, and fun new packaging– all with a central theme of the pursuit of happiness. 

But dopamine glam goes beyond colorful makeup or a completely Barbie pink outfit; it is linked to the effects dopamine causes in our brains. This TikTok trend is all about positivity, joy, and improving your mood through color therapy. The choices of your makeup, clothes & hairstyle can influence your mood and directly affect your behavior and other people's perspective of us.


Dopamine Dressing





Photo sourced by @maisonvalentino


In the Fashion World, it is known as Dopamine Dressing, and it proposes a new & exciting way to dress & accessorize in an extroverted way, head to toe. Think Barbiecore, the pink of Valentino (where all the shocking pink trends came from), and even the “Bottega Veneta Green”… Some of the representatives of the trend are Valentino, Versace, Jacquemus, and House of Sunny.


Dopamine Beauty





Video sourced by @tower28beauty


If we talk about dopamine beauty, it is about being bold, adventurous, and expressive. And maybe wear bright pink lipstick with a green graphic liner (packed in eye-catching packaging that invites you to try the product). The names are fun, and the packaging is colorful, but the technology and formulas are still spectacular.


Some brands that jumped on the pop of color trend & use dopamine beauty to connect with a more bold, daring & younger audience are Krash Cosmetics, Tower 28, Byoma, Drunk Elephant, Innia Beauty, Bubble, & Rulls.


Now, let’s talk about dopamine hair. Your hair can make you feel instantly happy & more confident too– plus, there are a lot of exciting trends you can try. Like rainbow hair or holographic hair, blingy braids, money pieces, tinsel hair, temporary hair color, mermaid hair, and colorful hair accessories or bows


10 Dopamine Glam Hairstyles to Try This Year

Here are some examples of how you can use the dopamine hair trend this 2023 to help make your year a lot happier:


Blingy Ponytail



INH Babe @mcriaaa wearing Rhinestone Hair Chain


The best way to elevate any ponytail or braid look.


Colored Highlights



INH Babe @stephh.cardenas wearing Hi-Lites in green


An easy and commitment-free way to add a touch of color to your hair is by wearing Hi-Lites.


Hair Gems



INH Babe @cadijhawilson wearing Hot Fix Hair Gems


Hair rhinestones are such an easy & great way to transform any hair look. 


Hair Scarf



INH Babe wearing Raye Raye INH Hair Scarf.

Preserve your hairstyle & treat yourself to the most versatile hair accessory. Of course, we’re talking about the Raye Raye Hair Scarf.


Temporary Hair Color




Our co-founder @jordynn.wynn in ICH Amethyst!

Flashy colors are a great way to start the year! Try a semi-permanent hair color to try the newest color trends and avoid hair damage.


Big Bows



INH Babe @veronicagerciag wearing Insert Big Bow Here

Hair trends may come & go, but big bows are for life!


Fun Colorful Hair Accessories



INH Babe @liamarizle wearing Totally Iconic Accessories Kit

Bubble ponytails & 90s hair accessories? Yes, it’s iconic, it’s a style.


Tinsel Hair



INH Babe @cathrynjenn_ wearing Kacey in dark brown


Nothing says vibrant happiness like a tinsel ponytail!


Wigs, Wigs, Wigs





INH Babe @_meagangreen wearing Josie


Money pieces in pink? Yes, please!



Claw Clip Updo



INH Babe @its.hollyf  wearing Full Bloom INH Claw Clip


Wanna try dopamine hair in a more subtle way? Make your claw clip the main focus of your hair!


How To Adopt Dopamine Glam as a Lifestyle


You learned all about dopamine hair, now let’s make it a lifestyle, babe!


Dopamine Makeup



@sourandnasty so half the products i used are actually discontinued and i didn’t realize 😭😭 will put some subsitutes in the comments dw #colorfulmakeup #makeuptips #colorfuleyeshadow #beginnermakeup #eyelook #eyemakeup ♬ This Is Why - Paramore



Video sourced by @sourandnast


Say yes to graphic eyeshadow this 2023!


Dopamine Nails





Photo sourced by @habitcosmetics


Graphic & colorful nail designs are still a thing, no matter if you have long or short nails.



Dopamine Dressing





INH Babe @thenavarose wearing Courtney in Black Brown


A cute bright-colored look & a powerful hairstyle are the way to go.


Follow Enid's Example





Video sourced by @ememyers


In a world full of darkness, being an Enid is refreshing. Enid from Wednesday is the perfect representation of dopamine glam. She wears outfits full of color, she has colorful nails, she wears color in her hair, and her whole personality is super bubbly & fun. 


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