Create A Hair Spa at Home to Beat Winter Dryness

Create A Hair Spa at Home to Beat Winter Dryness

Is your hair dry, dull or tired, babe? It’s time to apply this simple but effective hair care routine to help dry hair in winter

When it’s cold outside and you don’t feel like driving all the way to a spa, a home spa is an ideal solution for brittle, dehydrated and over-treated hair. You can transform frizzy hair into soft, gorgeous, moisturized healthy-looking hair with a simple routine, a few essential products & a salon-worthy treatment.

Follow these simple steps and learn how to do hair spa at home:

Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

No one likes having dry hair or scalp! But the good news is that the shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair can have a huge impact on how moisturized it is. To help dry hair, look for shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, and hair treatments that promote low pH balance on their labels. 

We recommend cycling a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (full of Humectant ingredients) into your winter beauty routine that includes nourishing coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin e, aloe vera and other natural ingredients to help fight winter dryness!

Detangle Your Strands

The drier your hair, the more tangled it tends to become. You may be hesitant to detangle your hair in fear of damaging it, but rest assured, you can detangle your hair and cause minimal damage if it is done correctly. 

Make sure that your hair is conditioned and spritzed with a detangling spray before gently brushing it with a high-quality brush that evenly distributes your natural hair oils from root to tip. For extra mirror-like shine & dimension you can add a shine serum to your ends. 



Pro tip, brush your hair with a mixed bristle brush (like ours) to evenly disperse your natural hair oils for healthier shinier and smoother hair ✨

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Use a Scalp Serum

If you want to replicate salon hair care services from home, a hydrating scalp serum is essential. Serums focused on scalp health are a great way to boost moisture, and reduce signs of dryness or irritation especially during the winter.

Seeking the ultimate dry hair in winter treatment? Try Got to Grow scalp serum to boost hair density with beneficial ingredients like Biotin & Peptides. 




Scalp Massage For Your Hair

The best hair care routine and moisturizing treatment for hair in the winter is one that contains a good head massage! Scalp massages boost circulation and can help stimulate hair follicles to support a healthy environment for your hair to flourish.

There are many ways to perform a scalp massage at home, one of the easiest being a Got to Gua Sha comb paired with a hair serum or hair oil.




Mask on The Go

Is a hair spa really a hair spa without a hair mask? Each person's hair is different! Some babes only need a hair mask for 3 to 5 minutes once or twice a week, some babes with thick or damaged hair need to leave in a hair mask for longer. 

If you want to leave your nourishing hair mask on & run errands, try a protective hairstyle, like this Maddy ponytail! You can let your mask sit while still looking absolutely stunning. 


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