Celebrating Our 4th Birthday

Celebrating Our 4th Birthday

Looking back at 4 years of INSERT NAME HERE



It’s officially our FOURTH birthday! Four years ago, we were besties who had a dream of launching high-quality, easy-to-wear hair for fast & fun transformations. When we finally launched INH, we learned quickly that we would have some tough times together as co-founders (being an entrepreneur definitely isn’t boring!). Fast forward to now…. we’re still besties, AND we’ve just released our 25th hair piece, created one of our childhood DREAM collabs (which sold out in 48 hours!), we’re in some of our favorite stores— and we have an incredible top-secret collection in the works!! (No spoilers!)

Above all, we’re incredibly thankful for our community of INH Babes who always support us & each other. We couldn’t have done it without you!

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve launched the 444 Birthday Collection as a birthday gift 4 you! Filled with the prettiest party favors like top quality, limited edition branded accessories and new curly drawstring ponytail Maddy— this collection is a bday wish come true. 

Now, all this birthday talk has got us ready to party! (Can you blame us? The INH zodiac is Gemini... so partying is what we do best.)

Click the link to shop the birthday collection & if you’re feeling as nostalgic as we are, keep reading to see how it started & how it’s going:



Our official launch year! This small but mighty team started off with a mere FOUR people. And in just 365 days, we experienced MAJOR wins.


1. INSERT NAME HERE launched our first wigs & ponies! 

OG babes know the hype. In June 2019, our first class of ponies & wigs were born. Icons included Miya, Molly, Kyra & Amy! Gotta love ‘em! 


2. Ariana Grande wore our pony in a music video

Yuh. That’s right, the queen of long high ponytails wore our very own Miya ponytail extension in her In My Head music video for Vogue. TBH, we’re still not over it. 

3. INSERT NAME HERE reached 100k Insta followers 

Yeah, in November (less than ONE year since launch) we reached 100k followers! Cannot believe the amount of love & support we got from you babes! We’re 4-ever grateful <3 

4. Our INH Babes Community group was born!

The start of something special ~ It warms our hearts to know how uplifting & supportive the INH Babes Facebook Community has become. 


As is true for most businesses, the pandemic certainly brought its fair share of ups and downs to INSERT NAME HERE. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have our fair share of wins though… 

1. Our First Hot tool was born: INSERT WAVES HERE 

Not only was she the first, but she’s also HOT AF. Don’t believe us? Take it from Allure. INSERT WAVES HERE is one of the hottest curling wands on the market. 

@inhhair @alysilverio showing us how to get wavy 🤪 using our new #hairwaver 🤩🤩 #inhhair #hairtutorial #CheckMeOutChallenge ♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

2. We were ranked the #1 talked about Hair & Hot Tool Brand

In August, the Tribe Report listed INSERT NAME HERE on top of their list for hair & hot tools! Guess it’s safe to say we were pretty popular in 2020, huh? 


3. Our first Influencer Collab with Liane (@lianev)! 

We partnered up with Liane in September for (you guessed it), the Liane ponytail and an exclusive girl boss themed hair pin set. Still such an iconic collab today, TBH. 


4. We Launched Disney & Care Bears collabs!

The kids in us were SCREAMING about this one. With the cutest Care Bear themed semi-permanent hair colors & a collectable Cruella wig — safe to say this collab was magical. 



NGL babes, this year was a good one. 


1. INH Launched In Ulta 

Core memory: unlocked in September 2021. Seeing our first product assortment in real life stores is something we’ll never forget. 



2. Catch Us on a Times Square Billboard, Babe! 

They say if you make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere — AND WE DID. In October 2021, we premiered on the biggest screen in the country: Times Square Baby!

3. We collabed with Hello Kitty! 

This collaboration was out of this world! It was so much fun for us to create this cosmically cute collection filled with colorful space buns, our award-winning brush, an out-of-this-world bigger barreled waver and our first scented Quick Slick! 


4. Our first half up half down Chloe was born! 

The year one of our most iconic babes was born: CHLOE! Our first half up half down hair extension that sold out over 5 times!! She’s a classic. 







With more hair styles, more stores & more babes in our community– it’s safe to say this was a year for growth. 


1. Mentorship Program

In honor of International Women’s Day, we launched our very first Mentorship Program to help support BIPOC women in business. Keep an eye out for all the fun we’ll have working with our mentees this summer! 


2. Collabs Galore 

ICYMI: We had the chance to collab with some major boss companies. In February, we collabed with influencer Raye Raye to release our curliest collection yet. This past May, our passion 4 fashion took the spotlight when we collabed with the iconic Bratz dolls.





3. You can now find us in THREE more stores!! 


    INSERT NAME HERE snuck our way into more stores to get closer to you! We’re so excited to announce that you can now find select INSERT NAME HERE products in Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie & American Eagle!


    4. We reached 444k followers on IG!! (Right before our 4th bday!!) 


      Umm can you believe that influencers like Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock) & Kirsten Titus (@kirstentitus) are INH Babes, too! We feel so loved by you, babes <3





      We’re so thankful for you! From all of our INH Babes to our small but mighty team, we can’t help but feel 4-ever grateful. 


      Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have only recently tried our products, just know that we’re always here for you, babe! Interact with us online, or even slide into our DMs —we’re always down for a chat. Tell us a memory from your INH past or share your hopes & dreams for the future. 


      Either way, we appreciate the connection <3 


      To 4-ever more years! 

      Xo, Sharon & Jordynn 

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