How to Use Hair Rollers For Flawless 90s Blowout

How to Use Hair Rollers For Flawless 90s Blowout

Dreaming of a voluminous, bouncy, 90s blowout? We gotchu, bestie!

INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers are the secret weapon you need to achieve flawless, salon-worthy blowouts in the comfort of your own home. We'll walk you step by step on how to use thermal velcro hair rollers to create a stunning volume that lasts all day.

Why Choose INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers?



Co-Founder @immbunny using INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers

Our thermal velcro hair rollers are not your ordinary hair rollers. They are designed to deliver exceptional results with ease. Here's why they are special:

Achieve fluffy 90's blowouts every time! These hair rollers create long-lasting, bouncy hair blowouts. Our hair rollers are the perfect way to get more volume without using too much heat. Whether you have fine, flat, or thin hair, these rollers are your new best friend. They add remarkable lift at the roots, giving you the voluminous hair you've always desired.

They are ceramic coated core hair rollers. The ceramic lining of these rollers ensures even heat distribution, reduces frizz, sets your curls beautifully, and speeds up the styling process. The best part? It helps to minimize blow-dry time, so you can cut your hairstyling routine in half. 

We wanted you to experience effortless sectioning and setting. Our heat roller set comes with styling clips that make sectioning and setting your hair a breeze. Get flawless results every time without having to worry about creases! As we said before, they are beginner-friendly, and these hair rollers are incredibly easy to use. They provide a fuss-free hold without pulling or damaging your hair during removal.

How to Use Thermal Hair Rollers: Step-by-Step, Beginner Friendly Guide



Achieving salon-quality results with INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to turn heads with your stunning curls:

• Prepare Your Hair: Start with mostly dry hair. Section your hair as desired.
• Placement: Place the roller at the roots of your hair, ensuring it's firmly in place.
• Brush Upward: Gently brush your hair upward from the roots towards the tips, creating tension and ensuring a smooth finish.
• Roll Downward: Roll the hair roller back down towards the roots, securing it with the included styling clip. This helps to set the curl in place.
• Thermal Activation: If your hair is damp, you can activate the thermal properties of the roller by using a blow dryer. Leave the rollers in until your hair is fully dry.
• Create Extra Volume: If your hair is already dry, you can enhance volume by using a blowout tool before applying the rollers. Once you've styled the section, proceed with roller placement.
• Remove the Roller: When you're ready to remove the roller, gently slide it out from the side of the curl while twisting your hair to define and finish the curl.

FAQs about Using Hair Rollers


INH Babe @elliem00ney using INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using thermal hair rollers:

How long should I leave my hair rollers in?

After applying heat, leave your hair rollers in for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the desired level of curl.

Can I use these thermal hair rollers to style my bangs?

Absolutely! For bangs and face-framing layers, we recommend using small to medium-sized rollers.

Should I use the velcro hair rollers if my hair is wet?

We recommend using these heatless thermal rollers with damp or mostly dry hair. 

For optimal results, blow dry your hair to set the style once the rollers are in place.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks for using INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers, it's time to unleash your creativity and enjoy gorgeous, voluminous, 90s blowouts. 

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