Artist Interview: Zoee Toh

Artist Interview: Zoee Toh

This week we are lucky enough to have another artist to feature! Zoee Toh is a talented artist who has brought our products to life in the art world. She is incredibly talented and we are so grateful she used her time and skills to work with us!

We put together a list of questions for her to allow all you to get to know Zoee bit better.

Like many artists, there was not one specific moment they knew they wanted to be an artist. Zoee says “I’ve always loved building and creating a great aesthetic and I started veering towards my current style a year ago when I was reimagining some fashion pieces and designs.” As she has continued with her art she began to develop her specific style. For her “digital art has been my go-to. It is such a seamless process and has allowed me to bring my creative ideas over to fruition super quickly!” and that she loves “animating and illustrating ideas and thoughts.”

Every artist is known for their particular style. Zoee describes her style as “Clean and minimalistic and it aims to capture one’s essence.” However, recently she has “been trying to approach art as a tool and a medium to raise discourse about social issues so my style has definitely taken a more vocal tone than just being “aesthetically pleasing” and I’m here for it!” Part of the way she does this is through digital art and social media. We asked her favorite medium and she said, “I adored how the medium of digital art offered me endless possibilities to create so I just took the leap and bought my first tool (an iPad!). I love that I could marry that with social media planning and honestly, never looked back since.”

Creating does not always come easily. Art can be hard and frustrating to pursue. Zoee says “My friends are my rocks! They are constantly showing my pieces real, genuine love and support, and I wouldn’t have been able to be as confident in my style without them.” While she appreciates the love and support she is also aware of the voice her art gives her. When asked her proudest moment she responded with “I’ve been trying to create more empowering works of art and it definitely makes me happy when people reach out and share about how my art has empowered them to embrace their sexual identity, race, or identity.” Art is so special to each and every creator and viewer, we love the way Zoee views the power of her own art.

Moving forward Zoee looks to keep art in her life. When we asked her how she said “By inspiring myself with the culture and nature that’s all around me. I draw inspiration from everything around me and hope to keep this sense of wonderment alive in my art.” While art is a wonderful thing it is not always easy. We asked how Zoee deals with feeling creatively blocked and she answered beautifully. “Being creatively blocked is often a result of putting too much pressure on myself to create so I remove myself from that situation and reconnect with what my art means to me! This entails watching my favorite films, listening to music, and just doodling mindlessly.” Knowing when you need a break is so important for your art as well as mental and physical health. 

Zoee knows all about the mental and physical aspect of art and it is important to listen to your own body. We asked her what her most special piece of art is and her response was “I did a piece during Mental Health Awareness Month that prompted my followers to be kind to their minds I loved that piece because I realized recently, I was being really harsh on myself. I created that piece in minutes at 4 am after suddenly realizing I needed to reevaluate the way I treated myself. It resonated with thousands of people and in all their messages to me, reading about how it was a reminder for all of them to love themselves a bit more was really special to me!”

Finally, I asked what her favorite piece she has made is and I think it is the perfect way to wrap up this feature. She said, “I did a piece focused on women empowerment for International Women’s Day and I really liked that one because it highlighted sisterhood and how we should all embrace diversity!”

If you are inspired by Zoee like we are and would like to check out more of her art you can find her on Instagram @audaceart. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate Zoee and her art today. Below are her drawings that feature INH products, can you guess which products?


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