Artist Feature: Rebecca Bush

Artist Feature: Rebecca Bush

Our collab with ©Disney has us feeling magical, so we decided to share an artist whose work is just that–magical. For our latest launch, we’ve featured 4 brand new Disney-inspired wigs and had the pleasure of getting to know Rebecca Bush, who describes her art as “bright, colorful, and happy.” We wanted nothing else than these positive, magical vibes for our latest collab. 

Check out Rebecca’s innovative take on classic illustrations on the 4 Disney characters featured in our INH x ©Disney collab: 



Before we get into the interview, please make sure you check out Rebecca’s work, which can be found on her Instagram @beessketches.

Family has always been important to Rebecca. When asked about the first time she realized she was interested in art, she immediately thought of her mother, saying, “My mom is the most creative and imaginative person, so when she began introducing art into my life, I picked it up right away.” 

Rebecca’s support extends beyond just her family. Rebecca recently tried her hand at digital art on her iPad, but was initially hesitant to share it. A friend of hers named Emily, called “encouraging” and “supportive” by Rebecca, pushed her to create an account that would showcase and share her new art. Rebecca credits Emily for this, claiming she “probably would not have made an Etsy shop either if it were not for her.” 

Rebecca also wanted to share her other artistry methods! When asked whether a specific medium spoke to her right away, she said that she “[has] not ever fixated on one type of medium” and that she loves to “bring art into [her] life in everything.” She then cites “cooking”, “doing a DIY project”, “applying makeup”, and “trying a new hairstyle” to artistic media. We find it captivating and inspiring that Rebecca sees so much of the mundane through an artistic lens. Her personality and how she views art truly embody all that INH is about. We love that Rebecca stays true to herself and her artistic ways!

Rebecca recently opened an Etsy Shop that features her custom digital portraits crafted for individuals. This experience of selling her art has been huge for her, and she refers to a particular sale when contemplating the proudest moment related to her art: “This buyer had purchased my art through my shop and had told me they were searching for the right artist to recreate a special portrait for them. I was so excited they had picked me out of all the possible artists.”

While we absolutely adore the pieces Rebecca made special for our collab with Disney, we wanted to know what her favorite pieces of art have been thus far. To her, her “Disney ‘Glow-UPs’ on TikTok” are particularly memorable because in addition to having her own fun, her “audience/followers couldn’t wait to see the next one!” Make sure to check out Rebecca’s project on TikTok here.

Rebecca shared how she got into digital art in hopes of inspiring other aspiring artists! She started digital art when [she] finally had the time during March of this year. I had finally downloaded Procreate and watched a few YouTube tutorials on the app. It was definitely a lot of trial and error, and looking back, I’ve improved so much.” Her story really showcases that if you’ve been considering some sort of art’s never too late to just go for it! 

Shout out to @beessketches for sharing her journey as an artist and for adding the magical touches to our ©Disney and INH illustrations! This collab is super important to our INH team so we’re extremely grateful for the amazing individuals we get the chance to work with! 

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