14 Summer Hair Colors That Are Trending RN (For Your Next Salon Visit)

14 Summer Hair Colors That Are Trending RN (For Your Next Salon Visit)

It's time for hot girl summer. Let the beach outings, pool parties, and impromptu road trips begin!

But summer also marks the beginning of new changes - changes in your wardrobe, your hair and skin care routine. And of course, your hair color! 

After two years of low maintenance and minimal at-home hair coloring, 2022 is the time to refresh and revamp your current shade, salon-styleWe're here to help you out with this, babe. 

Ahead for your (and your colorist's) reference, we bring you the 14 most trending hair colors to choose from. Grab a seltzer and let's get started! 




1. Strawberry blonde:

Don't ask us why, but summer and blonde just go together. Maybe the light, golden shades remind us of golden hour (or something like that). This summer especially, we're seeing a lot of cool, warm blonde shades. One such shade is strawberry blonde. Go for a quick copper rinse on light hair to have strawberry blonde. Mixing a lot of gold, a pinch of pink, and a dab of orange, a peach blonde can be a warmer color to choose from, closer to strawberry blonde.



INH Babe wearing Sharon ponytail in strawberry blonde

INH Babe wearing Sharon in shade strawberry blonde.



2. Sunshine blonde:

Nothing screams summer more than sunshine blonde. This is the go-to summer hair color for every hair colorist. And we can see why! The warm, light golden color creates a look that goes perfectly with the sunny vibes (especially if you're hitting the beach). You can also get some in-between balayage in the mid-lengths and ends to further accentuate your hairline.

Fun fact: Remember Lizzie McGuire, the iconic Disney show every 2000's kid grew up on? In the Lizzie McGuire reboot movie that was released in 2019, lead actress Hillary Duff sported a bright sunshine blonde to refresh Lizzie's old look. 




3. Oat milk blonde:

Don’t want to go for browns or super bright blondes? You can try out a neutral color like oat-milk blonde. It gives a soft, warm look to your hair. Plus, it goes great with every haircut and looks dreamy with a tan. 

Creamy shades like soft blonde or Anya Taylor-Joy’s vanilla blonde can be ideal if you've got a lighter skin tone. 




4. Old Hollywood Blonde:

Feeling nostalgic? This summer is trending with the 90's blonde or you can say the old Hollywood blonde. Want to get some Marilyn Monroe vibe? Go for a buttery blonde or champagne blonde shade and travel back in time to the golden age of Hollywood. 

INH Babe @aliciamccroan wearing Chloe champagne blonde.






5. Sun-kissed Brunette: 


Why should blondes have all the fun?


If you're a brunette babe, we got you too! There are so many stunning hair colors in brunette shade. Like the sun-kissed brunette that's been trending ever since Kendall Jenner debuted the color in her 2022 Met Gala look. Go for some sun-kissed brunette with a neutral medium brown base and golden hazelnut highlights.





6. Expensive Brunette: 

Though the name sounds fancy, expensive brunette is one hair color that's super low-maintenance and easy to attain. This lived-out look is loved by celebrities like Hailey Beiber who has been growing out her natural hair color ever since the pandemic. 

According to Sarah Klein, stylist at Nine Zero One in LA, the color is "shiny, it's warm, it sparkles in the light, and it's natural. What makes it look expensive is the richness of the tones and the shine." And couldn't agree more. So if you want to look like an expensive babe without feeling broke (same here!) make this your next hair color. 





 7. Brondes: 

If you'd like to mix things up a bit this summer, bronde is the color for you. Not quite blonde, not quite brunette, this one is a sweet mix of both! 

Bronde is the perfect combination of blonde and brunette. It features soft, warm highlights and lowlights that look completely au naturale

Try Jennifer Lopez’s beach bronde with a deep brunette base and golden highlights. Or steal Gigi Hadid's golden bronde color to brighten up your current shade for summers. 




8. Rainbow hair color: 

Lately the rainbow hair trend has been swarming our Insta feeds (it's everywhere!) But NGL babe, we are digging the look it creates. If you're getting bored of the same old blonde and brunette shades, it's time to try something quirky with bold, rainbow hair color.

The bright, vibrant hair colors look so unique. Not to forget, they have so many styling options! To name a few rainbow hair ideas, there are peek-a-boo underlights, sorbet rainbow curls, pastel rainbow waves, crimped rainbow hair, prismatic curls, and swirly buzzcut among others (screenshot these names for your next hair color appointment, babe). 






 9. Dark red: 

Picture this: Your fiery red hair flying against the wind as you peer out of the sunshade on your next road trip (dream sequence, amirite babe?!) 

Dark red hair is bringing in the heat this summer. From celebrities to hair stylists and beauty gurus - everyone is obsessed with the various darker shades of red hair. And who can blame them? 

Though a major commitment, flaming red hair looks like an absolute stunner - no matter your hair texture or skin tone. Just look at Sophie Turner’s shimmery spicy dark red mane or Zendaya’s crimson shade hair for inspo. And if you don't wanna dip your hair too deep in red, go for the lighter glowy apricot shade. 



10. Espresso shade: 

This one's for all you coffee lovers out there! Inspired by a cuppa black coffee, espresso is a shade of brunette that's both neutral and dimensional. Featuring hints of dark and brown, what makes this color stand out is the glossy and high-shine finish it adds to your hair! You can try out some offbeat shades like Dua Lipa’s espresso shade or off-black shade this summer with a single-process deep brown color. 



INH Babe @fryncesca wearing Xtra Inches in shade black brown. 



11. Copper hair color:

Honestly, copper hair color has been on our radar for quite some time. And we're glad to see it's taking TikTok by storm! 

The color is a blend of red and bronze. It's on the deeper end of auburn. The warm tones give off the perfect feel of hot summer days. 

And the best part? There are soooo many copper shades for you to try out! From deep copper to light strawberry, bright copper to ginger copper and copper-meets-auburn, the possibilities are endless with this one. 

Quick tip: To add some extra dimension to your hair, go for the copper coin shade. It's a combination of copper and caramel. 

Oh, and how could we forget to show you Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor’s gorgeous sandy-copper shade 😍?

INH Babe @daisysdays wearing Maddy in shade copper. 



12. Color Blocking: 

We bet you've seen too many TikToks on this one, haven't ya? Color blocking is the latest trend this summer. We love how fresh it is! Just like with clothes and bags, color blocking your hair refers to having two different hair colors that contrast each other. Think red and black, brown and pink, black and blonde, red and blonde… you see where we're going with this?

Color blocking leaves a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. Mainly because you can choose whatever color you like and color block literally any section of your hair! 

So if you're feeling like having fun with your hair and trying out some badass color combos, color blocking is your bestie. 




13. Classic Highlights: 


Trends come and trends go. But some things never go out of style. Yes babe, we're talking about good ol' classic highlights. Highlights add an insane amount of texture and dimension to your hair. But not only do they look great, they also enhance your haircut AND your cheekbones. Talk about an all-rounder! Especially this summer, it's all about warm gold-spun shades like brondes and caramel. And for you curly-haired babes, try out Pintura highlights. Not only does it give off a sun-kissed vibe, it also does minimal damage to your curls as it doesn’t require any foils. Finer, baby-like highlights or babylights are also in trend, as seen on celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Margot Robie, and Julianne Hough! 


INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing Raye in black, brown chunky highlight. 



14. Caramel latte: 


After oat milk and espresso, this one's another hair color that's named after food (tbh we like the spin). If you’re a newbie to the world of hair dyes, we'd recommend you to start your hair color journey with this shade. Caramel latte is safe to start with as it is neither too dark nor too light.




Psst, babe…

While we're on the topic of hair colors, we're excited to launch hot new shades for our girls Miya and Courtney, right on time for summer. Woot woot!

You can now get these two ponies in new Ombre and Chunky Highlights shades. Go check out and take em for a spin! 


 We can't wait to see your new hair color, babe! Flaunt it and tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe.

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