10 Ways to Style Clip-in Hair Buns

10 Ways to Style Clip-in Hair Buns

Me (an empath): sensing you’re getting really tired of your hair not twirling effortlessly into the perfect bun. The audacity.

In theory, the hair bun should be a simple hairstyle. But the fight to get your hair to perfectly swirl together can often be a battle– We’ve all been there. Either your hair’s too thin, too short or gravity just isn’t working on your side. Enter: INH clip-in hair buns.

Instead of swishing your hair round and round to try and achieve that perfect shape (making your arms ache in the process)–  now you can effortlessly tie your hair up & throw this INH babe on for the perfect buns in seconds. It’s an easy, beginner-friendly way to give your buns more volume and shape! 

INSERT NAME HERE currently offers three different clip-in hair buns: Sammy (a straight bun with tousled ends); Miley (a pair of tousled wave space buns which is currently last call, R.I.P); and our newest, Cami (a curled bun). All of the buns are available in 17 shades, they're easy to apply, & stay comfortably secure all day long with sturdy 4 combs and a drawstring.

The best part? Each clip-in hair piece offers a world of possibilities for styling.

So grab your scrunchies & let’s get on into it: 



1. The Messy Bun

This hairstyle is the epitome of the cool girl “looks like I tried, but I’m not trying too hard” mantra.  After tying your smoll bb bun, boost her volume & density with either Sammy. Be sure to leave out some face-framing wispy hairs to give you that romantic & carefree “effortlessly” messy look.  




2. Space Buns

Space buns are the Y2K trend that keeps on serving out of this world looks. For this baby, you’re going to want to grab the Miley space buns, or double up on Sammy or Cami. 





 3. The Bang Bun

Bangs are such an easy way to make you feel like a whole new person…. But let’s face it, DIY bangs can be one of the biggest beauty blunders. If you’re too scared to commit to bangs (fair!), try pairing INSERT NAME HERE clip-in bangs with a bun extension. No scissors or regret here. 




4. The Ballerina Bun 

She’s giving Swan Lake vibes. This updo is a timeless, classic & super chic look that’s easily achievable with Sammy or Cami clip-in hair buns. Simply apply her over your bb bun, slide the combs underneath your hair elastic, pull the drawstring to secure the look, smooth over the extra ends, and finish off with bobby pins or another hair scrunchie.

For a sleek look free of flyaways, try our Quick Slick Flyaway Hair Essence. 


INH babe @stephhcardenas wearing Sammy in shade black brown.

5. A Face-Framing Bun 

There’s just something about those two spare hairs on the side of your face. The face-framing bun is sassy and cool — and she’s a big hit right now. Clip on the bun of your choice, and let your face-framing tendrils do their magic. 


INH babe @riorainey wearing Cami in shade ash brown.

6. Low Bun 

Whether you grab your Sammy or your Cami, it’s so easy to create an elegant, salon-style low bun. It’s arguably one of the simplest buns to create, and it totally gives you an off-the-clock model vibe à la Hailey Bieber. Who wouldn’t want that? 


INH babe @mariahclayton_ wearing Cami in shade dark brown.


7. High Bun 

Not only does this updo keep the hair out of your face, but it also gives you a natural face lift. It’s a fashionable & fun classic that can be dressed up or down.




8. Headband Bun

Not just for Blair Waldorf– We saw sprinkles of the headband trend in 2021 & they aren’t going anywhere for 2022. This accessory is the perfect way to add a bit more color and personality to your updo. 


INH babe @rachel.ocool wearing Cami in mixed brown.


9. Curly Pineapple Bun

Pineappling your hair into a bun can be a curly-haired dream. It can be an easy way to protect your spirals while showing off your luscious volume. If you’re having trouble getting your tendrils to plop the right way (ugh, isn’t gravity annoying?), grab a Cami and clip her into your updo. 


INH babe @serenaaaa_mua wearing Cami in burgundy.


10. Sleek Bun 

She’s the it-girl. Often favored by the Hadid sisters, the sleek bun radiates chic cool girl vibes. People of all different hair textures can rock this look, but if you’re having some trouble, both the Sammy and the Cami clip-in hair buns can help you out. To help maintain a sleek finish, try the best-selling Quick Slick Flyaway Hair Essence. 


INH babe @kaelabremner wearing Sammy in honey.


We can’t wait to see how your buns came out! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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