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Hi, I'm Miley!

She’s extra-terrestrial & sparkles like the night sky… Our Miley buns have gotten a Hello Kitty spacelift with two new out of this world shades: Slate Blue with holographic tinsel & Hot Pink with fuchsia pink tinsel.

Simply clip our Miley buns over your natural hair buns for a look that’s totally far out!

Length:  10 inch tail | 25 cm tail
Weight: 75 grams total
Style:  Mini Tousled Wave Space Buns
Application:   Drawstring with 2 inner combs

Step 1:

Widen the base of your clip-in Miley bun by pressing the adjustable drawstring buckle and pulling outward. This will expand the netting to fit over your natural bun.

Step 2:

Apply Miley over your natural bun, and then begin to slide her inner combs under the base of your bun, ensuring they’re securely underneath your hair tie.

Step 3:

Hold on tight! Further secure your Miley bun in place by pulling and tightening the adjustable drawstring buckle, locking your preferred size into place.

Step 4:

Be sure to tuck in the excess drawstring ends inside the bun after wrapping it around the base of your bun. Use bobby pins or another hair elastic to secure the loose ends and complete your style.

How To Apply

Tie your hair into a top knot (bb bun)

Insert combs into base of your bb bun

Tighten the adjustable drawstring buckle