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multi-use volumizing crimper

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Insert Crimp Here 

This is not your ‘90s crimper. Looking for volume? You got it. Insert Crimp Here is a next level crimper, giving you micro rounded crimps in seconds. Unlike standard crimpers, Insert Crimp Here has rounded plates that are safer for hair and make your style look natural. Just like T-Swift - our crimper comes back stronger than a ‘90s trend.

  • HEAT PLATES: 1.5 inch round ceramic ridge plates

  • TEMPERATURE: Adjustable Heat up to 450 degrees

  • VOLTAGE: 110-240 Volts (Universal Global Voltage)

  • COLOR: Peach with rose gold accents. Rose gold ceramic ridged plates.

  • SIZE: 11 inches (L) x 1.6 inches (W) x 3.3 inches (H)

  • FREQUENCY: 50/60 HZ

    • 1 year manufacturers warranty

  • Easy to use: Our next level crimper is super easy, fast & beginner friendly- get the perfect micro-rounded crimps in seconds!

  • Minimal damage: Rounded plates distribute heat evenly, helping to prevent breakage compared to traditional triangular plates.

  • Crimps 5x faster than a traditional crimper: Unlike standard crimpers, Insert Crimp Here crimps FAST and goes all the way up to 450 F for long lasting style. Even though she’s hot, the rounded plates are safer for hair & makes it look like you naturally woke up like this (perfectly crimped).

  • Long lasting volume: Have short or thin hair? You can even use her instead of teasing before you apply extensions for better hold.
  • 110-240 voltages are allowed when using Insert Crimp Here 

  • Keep the hot tool in a dry & safe space

  • Clean inside with a damp cloth and avoid using any harsh cleaning agents

  • See manual for any other safety advice

  • Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to use Insert Crimp Here.

        • Quickly tap crimper on your hair to create light volume and texture. Hold for longer to increase volume.

        • Brush with fingers after crimping for a natural finish.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How hot does the Crimper get?

        The Crimper is a hottie with an adjustable temp of up to 450°F / 232.2° (so don't burn yourself!)

        Can I adjust the heat?

        Yes, you can adjust the heat on the digital LCD screen of the Crimper.

        What is the voltage?

        Our Crimper is universal 110v - 240v voltage.

        Can I use it when traveling?

        Our Crimper can be used internationally when using a convertor or adapter.

        My hot tool stopped working. Can I get a replacement? 

        Yes, we offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty with evidence of the fault. Please submit a video or image of the damaged item and once verified by the replacement team, your hot tool will be replaced free of charge. Shipping & handling rates apply.