Insert BIG Waves Here – 32mm 

This is huge: Our very first hot tool just got BIGGER for astronomical volume that defies gravity!
NEW SIZE: Takes volume to a whole new dimension with bigger & bouncier waves


Big Waves/ 32mm / 3.2cm 3 barrel


Smaller waves / 25 mm /3 barrel. Tighter, smaller waves


Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze


Space Black with limited edition Hello Kitty X INSERT NAME HERE grip handle

    • She's hot AF. This salon-grade Waver heats up quickly, all the way up to 450° F.
    • Temp check: Find the heat level that’s perfect for your style– you’re always in control.
    • Minimal damage: practice safe styling– our hot plates are coated in a tourmaline ceramic glaze to protect your hair.
    • Super user friendly with an easy to read LCD digital screen.
    • Heat protective glove included (get wavy without burning your fingers!).
    • Compatible with US/Canadian outlets.
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty.
    • Separate your hair into small sections. Make sure they aren’t too thick so that the waver can heat your hair evenly. Less Hair = Deeper Waves.
    • Leave out the tips of your hair for a more beachy finish.
    • Let your waves cool completely before brushing so they are able to set

    Essential Hair Mane-tenace