goldie wig on model front angle
goldie wig on model front angle
goldie wig on model back angle showcasing length

Hi, I'm: Goldie

Icy layers on layers

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Hi, I'm Goldie
With layers upon layers of frosty platinum blonde, you might think Goldie has a heart of ice. And you'd be right. Cool as a cucumber, she has all the rock chick attitude you need.


Meet The Ice Queen of Long Layered Wigs, Goldie
Goldie might look tough, but she's one of our favorite soft wigs. We love the way her curls gently tumble down for a tousled, just-strolled-out-of-the-mosh-pit look. She's made from synthetic Japanese fiber, which is super high-quality. It's as soft and shiny as human hair, plus it's super lightweight too. Goldie is proud of her roots, and so are we - they're dark brown, adding a realistic touch to the bright blonde color of this wig's long layers.

When It Comes to Blonde Curl Wigs, Goldie Rules
Think super long, perfectly platinum hair is too high-maintenance? Nah. With Goldie, it's a piece of cake. Obviously in the real world, it would take years to grow your natural hair as long as Goldie - she's 22 inches, yo. And keeping your hair this shade of ice white would take a LOT of peroxide and toner. But with Goldie, you can get the look in minutes. Your natural hair stays protected, and you get the benefits of looking like an IRL ice princess. It's a win-win.

Fiber: Japanese Synthetic Fiber

Density: Full

Length: 22”

Weight: 279 grams

Included: 1 Non-Static Reusable Storage Bag, 2 wig caps

Color: Icy, platinum blonde with natural dark brown roots

Style: Long layers and soft, tousled curls

Cap: Pre-cut, soft, breathable swiss lace frontal cap with natural rooted parting, ear to ear. Adjustable bands and comb clips for a secure and comfortable fit. Middle Part. Hand-Tied 4" back from frontal hairline, natural root effect.

Heat Resistance: Goldie is pre-styled so we do not recommend heat styling as you will not be able to get the original style back.

Styling Tips: We do not recommend heat styling this item. To soften the style, you may brush out the waves, curls or texture without use of a hot tool. Spray with water and shake/snap to revive original style. Let air dry.

Detangling: Brush starting at the end and moving up in sections towards the base. If you brush synthetic wigs or ponies from top to bottom, the fibers can “stretch” causing tangling and breakage. Just like split ends on your real hair. You may also use a detangling spray before brushing. Brush before and after each wear. Store neatly in the provided satin bag to prevent tangles while not in use.