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Insert Waves Here

deep wave iron

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Insert Waves Here

Say hi to the very first INH Hair hot tool. She's hot AF, with a temp of up to 450°. She's gentle too, with hot plates coated in a tourmaline ceramic glaze that'll minimize damage to your hair. It's easy to control the temperature and see just how hot things are getting with the easy-read LCD panel. And of course she comes with a heat resistant glove, so you can get wavy without getting your fingers burnt.

      • SIZE

        • 3 barrels, 25mm / 1 in. wide


        • Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze
        • Salmon pink with white grip handle
      • Heat protective glove included - good hair days don’t include burns!
      • Compatible with US/Canadian outlets.
      • 1 year manufacturers warranty.
      • Medium waves
      • Separate your hair into small sections. Make sure they aren’t too thick so that the waver can heat your hair evenly. Less Hair = Deeper Waves.

      • Leave out the tips of your hair for a more beachy finish.

      • Let your waves cool completely before brushing so they are able to set
      • Our most loved hot tool: Voted the best waver by beauty editors.

      • Long lasting volume: Easily & quickly achieve natural-looking perfectly bouncy beachy waves, no ocean required.

      • Minimal damage: We’re all about getting hot with minimal consequences! Hot plates are coated in a tourmaline ceramic glaze to minimize damage. In more science-y terms, Tourmaline Ceramic or ionic technology emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions in hair to fight frizz & lock in moisture & shine – for softer, shinier salon style waves.

      • Easy to use: Insert Waves Here heats up quick, allows you to control the temp with an easy to read LED screen, and goes all the way up to 450 F for long lasting waves. Heat protective glove included for beautiful hair without burns. 

      • All for one & one for all: Works on all hair lengths, even shorter hair!

      • Unplug Insert Waves Hair Here and allow it to cool before you start to clean it.

      • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after the device has cooled.

      • Do NOT use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.

      • Store in a dry and cool place.

      • See Manual for other safety advice.

      • Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to use Insert Waves Here.

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      HOW TO USE

      Step 1

      Open the waver & insert your hair section 2-3 inches from the root

      Step 2

      Hold for 5-10 secs & repeat, moving down your section towards the tips

      Step 3

      Continue through your sections & voila!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How hot does Insert Waves Here get?

      The Waver is hot AF, with a temp of up to 450°F / 232.2° (so don't burn yourself!)

      Can I adjust the heat?

      Yes, you can adjust the heat on the digital LCD screen of the Waver.

      What is the voltage?

      Our Waver is dual 110v - 240v voltage.

      Can I use it when traveling?

      Our Waver can be used internationally when using a convertor or adapter.

      Does Insert Waves Here come with a heat protectant glove?

      YES! We always recommend using a heat protectant glove so you can make waves without getting your fingers burnt.