hair scarf styled on model with hair down
hair scarf folded into a square showcasing design
corner of hair scarf showcasing design

Blue Bell Hair Scarf

BRB at brunch

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Introducing our Paisley Hair scarf. This limited edition piece is the perfect addition to so many looks. Tie it around your bun or pony or even your purse for a fun pop of color. There are so many ways to use this scarf we just know that you will love it.

Our Paisley Hair scarf is the perfect addition to so many looks. This limited edition piece will add a pop of color to your wardrobe and hairstyles. Wear its like a headband, pair with bangs, wrap around your purse strap, and last but not least tie it around your buns, ponies, and braids to elevate any look.




Blue Multi Colored


28"x 28"

Styling Tips

Wear our scarf on your head, ponytail, neck, as a top, or accessorize your purse!