Why We Love This Bun and Ponytail Extension Bundle Set
If you ever get jealous of girls who can just pull their hair into the perfect bun or pony, you're not alone - these gals have got you. Sammy will instantly banish any sort of bun envy. She just slips on over your own mini-bun. You can keep her perfectly tucked in for that elegant, ballerina look or muss her up a little for 'just-woke-up-like-this' style. And with her long, 26 inch length, Brit will give you a long and curly ponytail that would make Ariana herself green with envy.

A Ponytail and Bun Extension Set for Perfect Style, Every Time With
Brit and Sammy are both made from Japanese synthetic fiber - the best faux hair on the market. It's lightweight, it's shiny and it's super long-lasting. Because Brit and Sammy come in a range of different shades - from black to blonde and everything in between - you can easily match them to your own hair. They'll blend right in, and everyone will wonder when you got so awesome at effortless up-dos. Don't worry, we won't tell.