Meet The Curl of Your Dreams, Shayla - Our Spiral Ponytail Extensions
Shayla is made from the best quality Japanese synthetic fiber, so this girl can handle the heat. But her tight spiral curls are what makes Shayla special, so we recommend keeping those flat-irons away from her. You can soften her curls by lightly combing with a wide tooth comb - a quick spritz of water will bring her back to all her glory. At 26 inches long she has the length to back up her full volume. Hair tosses never looked so sassy.

Amp Up Your Everyday Look with Shayla Spiral Ponytail Extensions
Everyone knows Shayla is easy, and proud of it. She ain't no high maintenance chick. To wear her, you just need to wrap her around your own pony and pin her in place. She works best with short and medium hair. Once you're done, store her in the reusable bag she comes with to keep her at her shiny and attention-grabbing best. She comes in eight different colors, so you can choose one that matches your roots or go for a contrast color for even bolder style. What Would Shayla Do?

Fiber: Japanese Synthetic Fiber

Application: Full Wrap

Length: 26”

Weight: 125 grams

Color: Available in 8 shades, view swatches above!

Style: Loose spiral waves

Heat Resistance: Shayla comes pre-styled so we do not recommend heat styling as you will not be able to get the original style back.

Styling Tips: Can be worn as high or low pigtails.

Recommended for short to medium length hair. Not recommended for extremely long or thick hair. We suggest brushing Shayla out for the best look!

Detangling: Lay your pony flat on a table and comb gently with fingers or wide tooth comb starting at the end and moving up in sections towards the base. If you brush synthetic wigs or ponies from top to bottom, the fibers can “stretch” causing tangling and breakage. Just like split ends on your real hair. You may also use a detangling spray before brushing. Brush before and after each wear. Store neatly in the provided reusable bag to prevent tangles while not in use. Spritz with a detangling spray or water to revive curls.