Meet Miya, Our Queen of Straight Ponytails
Dunno what you've heard, but Miya is kind of a big deal. Our best-selling 24 inch ponytail has fans in high places. As well as being super Insta-famous, she's famous-famous too — she even made an appearance in Ariana Grande's "In My Head" music video. Don’t let her super-sleek shape fool you. She actually has a textured yaki perm for full-on volume. It's hard to believe she only weighs 110 grams.

Say Hi to Molly, Our Princess of Wavey Ponytails
Fun, flirty and a little bit bubbly, it's hard to resist Molly's soft curls. This spiral pony is 22 inches long, and perfect if you want to add a little bit of bounce to your up-do without digging out the curling iron. Like Miya, Molly is made from the highest quality Japanese synthetic fiber. This is as good as it gets: soft, smooth and ultra-realistic looking. When you wrap either of these ponies around your own hair, nobody will ever guess it's not all-natural.