Miya, Our Synthetic-But-Looks-Like-Natural Hair Ponytail Extensions
Made from top tier Japanese synthetic fiber, Miya looks and feels just like the real thing. At 24 inches long, she add all the length you need for seriously sassy hair tosses. She's made with a textured yaki perm for long lasting volume, and she's heat resistant up to 400 degrees. Simply straighten for a permanent silky smooth look.

Ginger, Brown or Pastel Pink—Choose Your Color
Our Miya pony won't forget your roots. Because she just wraps around your natural hair, we recommend choosing a color that matches it. That's why we have 11 shades to choose from, whether you need a black ponytail extension, a blonde ponytail extension or something in-between. For even more drama, check out our Magical Miya. She comes in all the colors of the unicorn rainbow, so you can live your best mermaid life.