Bundle Sets: The Quick Way to Two New Looks
Although Brit and Miya are both ponytail extensions, they have their own personalities. Sweet and wavey, Brit is the girl next door who you’ve known your whole life. Meanwhile, with her sleek, voluminous and butt-skimming pony, Miya is the mysterious girl that you’ve been stalking online (we won’t tell). It’s easy to channel their big hair energy with this bundle set. They come in a range of different colors - if you need help choosing your shade, hit us up on IG.

The Perfect Ponytail Extension Bundle Set Doesn’t Exi-
Yes, it does. We’ve put Brit and Miya together because you guys just can’t get enough of them. Both are made from Japanese Synthetic fiber, the best faux hair around. This gives them a lightweight feel as well as a super-realistic texture. Sleek, smooth and shiny, no-one will be able to guess this is a ponytail extension and not your natural hair. Just wrap your chosen one around your own pony, clip it in place and get ready to slay.