Three secure snap clips to stay in place. Sheer base to blend with your hair line Breathable, non-itchy base. Light Blonde can be colored with semi-permanent hair dyes. Want it Purple? Blue? Or Pink? You can take it to your stylist to deposit color!


Varies. Click on the swatches to view accurate color videos!


Feathered bangs. 100% Hand Tied for a natural look that lays flat on your hairline.


Feathered sides 14", fringe (bangs) 6" - can cut to customize!


26 grams



100% Remy human hair

Heat Resistance

Up to 400 degrees



Styling Tips

Apply with a ponytail or bun for an easy effortless look. When wearing down: Part your hair in the middle, gel down your parted hair, clip the two front clips in your hair, and align the fringe where you want it to fall on your forehead. Finally, clip the back clip flat down. You can trim the fringe to customize your look!