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She’s Pretty in Pink -

Hi, I'm Uma

Uma may be pretty in pink, but she's no wallflower. She's the life and soul of the club (have you seen her dance?) Cut to a straight shoulder shape, with wispy bangs, she has that ultimate scene kid look. Just slip her on and let your inner party girl take over. 


  • Japanese Synthetic Fiber


    • 13"


    • 180 grams


    • Pastel pink


    • Heat resistant up to 300°F
    • We do not recommend heat styling because you will lose her natural texture and volume. 


    • Sleek straight middle part with bangs.


    • Wig Cap with pre-cut front. Adjustable bands and comb clips for a secure and comfortable fit.

      We all want to keep our inches looking perfect for as long as possible here are some tips and tricks on how to care for INH products:

      1. Brush before and after each wear with our INH Brush!
      2. Wash your INH faves using a gentle shampoo, then let it air dry flat.
      3. Store using the super cute reusable bag that comes with every order! It helps prevent tangles and extends the life of your hair :)


      Lay your hair flat on a table and brush starting at the end and moving up in sections towards the base. If you brush synthetic hair from top to bottom, the fibers can "stretch." This causes tangles and breakage, just like split ends on your real hair. You may also use a detangling spray before brushing. Brush before and after each wear. Store neatly in the provided reusable bag to prevent tangles when not in use.


      1 Non-Static Reusable Storage Bag, 2 wig caps

        Good to Know:

        Heat resistant up to 320 degrees

        Store in a satin bag

        Brush before + after each use

        Quick + easy application

        How To Apply