zooey bangs on model
zooey bangs parted in the middle
zooey bangs on model
zooey bangs side part on model
zooey bangs on model
caramel color swatch
light brown color swatch
chestnut brown with dark brown roots color swatch
caramel with dark brown brown roots
jet black color swatch
natural black color swatch
dark brown color swatch
ginger color swatch
mocha melt color swatch
honey color swatch
light blonde color swatch
light brown color swatch
chestnut brown color swatch


Like my bangs? Gee, thanks

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Hi, I'm Zooey
Put down the scissors: our clip-in bangs are here. Bangs are cute. They're also a huge commitment. With Zooey, you don't have to commit to the chop. Just clip them in, and take them out when you get bored. No awkward growing phase, just ultimate girl-geek cuteness.


Perfect Bangs Are Easy with Our Fake Bang Clip
When it comes to bangs, we're all for faking it. With a feathered shape and long six inch length, Zooey is made for styling. We recommend taking her to your stylist to get the exact bangs you need to frame your face or suit your aesthetic. You can also color them when changing up your hair or to get the perfect match!

Clip in Bangs Made from Real Hair
Zooey is a girl who doesn't accept anything less than the best. That's why she's made from 100% real Remy human hair. Ethically harvested in a way that keeps the cuticle intact, this hair is absolute top tier. Because of the way it's carefully made, all of the hairs run in the same direction for a smooth, glossy feel and less chance of matting or tangling. This also means you can dye them - just like your real hair! The result? Perfect bangs, everytime.

Zooey Fits in Everywhere
Zooey looks awesome with your natural hair. We've got 13 colors ranging from jet black to platinum blonde, so you can choose one that matches your roots or go wild with a contrast color. Zooey is great for pepping up your own natural hair, but we think she looks great with our ponytail extensions too. Because she's hand-tied and has a sheer base, she blends in with any crowd.

Hair: 100% Remy Human Hair

Application: Three secure snaps to stay in place.

Length: 6” Fringe 12-14” Feathered sides

Weight: 25 grams

Included: Hair storage box

Color: Available in 13 shades, view swatches above!

Style: 100% hand-tied feathered bangs with a sheer base for a natural look and perfect blend. Made with breathable, non-irritating swiss lace net!

Heat Resistance: Up to 320 degrees

Styling Tips: For an easy, effortless look apply with your ponytail or bun. When wearing your hair down, part your hair down the middle and align the fringe how you want it to fall. Clip-in so all three clips are flat and secure.

Zooey is made with extra length to blend with many hair lengths, we recommend taking her to your stylist for a custom cut that frames your face perfectly!

Worried about getting the wrong color for your hair? Don't! If you're concerned, we recommend reaching out directly to us on Instagram so one of our Color Experts can look through your profile and determine which shade would work best for you. We usually respond immediately.

Our Remy human hair is ethically sourced and manufactured in Asia. We exclusively work with distributors who have been vetted and verified to operate ethical and sustainable practices. In nearly all cases, the hair we work with is purchased from women in Asia who grow out their natural hair for the express purpose of selling their own sustainable resource that often provides a critical financial benefit for their entire family. Additionally, individuals often donate their hair to support their local monasteries/temples, who then process and sell the hair to fund local and global outreach missions, community charity projects, and internal support for their members and parishioners. Lastly, some of the hair sourced is from community hair salons who collect and process donated hair instead of throwing it out. In total, our carefully sourced hair is donated, sold, or exchanged fairly and ethically throughout the Asian market.

As an emerging brand in such a passionate industry, it is paramount that we do our due diligence when it comes to sourcing the hair used in our products. We have committed to making our vetting process with our INH Asia-based factory and alignments an absolute priority and are devoted to only working with sources that have proven to be ethical, socially responsible, and accountable.