Royal Sapphire


semi permanent hair color

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Royal Sapphire

The range of tones you can achieve with Royal Sapphire are like the deep blue night sky from twilight to midnight. This full-coverage, vibrant semi-permanent hair color is the perfect way to transform your hair at home! Our vegan and cruelty free formula deposits pigment while acting as a deep conditioner, leaving your hair hydrated, nourished and super soft. 


Good news! Insert Color Here is ready to use as it comes -- no need to mix this product with any developers, lighteners, or permanent colorants.


No damage or commitment here, this color is designed to wash out gradually over time.


  • 6oz.


*Amount will vary according to hair density

Highlights 1 jar
Above Shoulders 1-2 jars
Shoulders/Chest 2-3 jars
Below Chest 3+ jars

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