16 in u-clip back angle
jet black color swatch
16 in u-clip front angle
mixed brown color swatch
ash blonde color swatch
ash brown color swatch
espresso color swatch
honey color swatch
dark brown color swatch
dark brown color swatch
champagne blonde color swatch
toffee color swatch
darkest brown color swatch
black brown color swatch


16 inches / 145 Grams

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The INH U-Clip is a one piece clip-in extension that you apply to the crown of your head—like the queen you are! Our U-Clip is INH’s exclusive design that makes it easy to add mega volume and length in seconds! 


Fiber: Japanese Synthetic Fiber

Application: 1 piece curved cap that clips in on the crown of your head with 8 snap clips.

Length: Available in 16”-17 and 22”-23

Weight: 145 grams

Included: 1 Non-Static Reusable Storage Bag

Color: Available in 10 shades, view swatches above!

Style: Natural wave

Heat Resistance: Up to 400 degrees

Styling Tips: The U-Clip is exclusive to INH and is a 1 piece extension that gives you instant volume! Check out our tutorials on how to apply here! Please note the U-Clip is designed to add volume and therefore works best on medium to long hairstyles. Short or blunt cuts are not able to blend with the U-Clip. Want to curl your U-Clip? It is heat resistant up to 400 degrees, but you need to let the curled hair sit in the palm of your hand for about 10 seconds to cool and set, then drop the curls down. The longer you hold the curl, the tighter it will be!

Worried about getting the wrong color for your hair? Don't! If you're concerned, we recommend reaching out directly to us on Instagram so one of our Color Experts can look through your profile and determine which shade would work best for you. We usually respond immediately.

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