Our INH Babe community has combed through our styles, tested them IRL & cherry-picked their absolute must-haves for you! Get 15% off signature Babe of the Month Bundles & check back often: Each month we feature a new babe and their top faves!


This month we turned the spotlight on @queenbeezay, from British Columbia.

Bee gets an A++ from us! She’s an educator for students in high school who have special needs, and she’s also a Facebook moderator for the INH Babes group!

Bee channels her bold Aries energy into her hair and gets inspo’ from Disney princesses, Bratz, Barbies, Anime, Black Female Rappers, Funko Pops!


Why did she choose Lola and Zooey

Bee has 98 INSERT NAME HERE big deal or anything! Out of all of her faves she chose Lola & Zooey...

“Lola is my favourite everyday pony! She’s so versatile, her flip could be classy, casual or sporty– perfect for all day wear! Zooey also has multiple uses.. You can dye her, curl her, straighten or cut! I love the freedom you have with them!”



Own your confidence with this preppy ponytail extension. She’s 17 inches, mid-length with a teardrop swoop, and is exactly what you need for the best sophisticated looks.


Put down the scissors: our clip-in bangs are here! With the perfect 6 inches of fringe and 14 inches of blendable feathered sides, you don't have to commit to the chop. Made of 100% premium quality Remy Human Hair, Zooey was made to blend seamlessly into your natural tresses and can be colored & cut to suit your style.

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brush Icon

Step 1:

Brush your hair and
secure into a ponytail or bun

Comb Icon

Step 2:

Insert the comb and swoop underneath the hair tie.

Velcro Icon

Step 3:

Wrap the velcro tail around your ponytail.

Pin Icon

Step 4:

Secure the end of the tail with bobby pins.

» Perfect for medium length hair.

» Long or thick hair? Try braiding hair for more blendability.

» How to make it blend with my hair? Curl it or put it in a bun for the most natural look.

» Using heat on this ponytail will change its original texture. We don't recommend.

» Soften the style with a brush or comb.

» Wanna make your ponytail like new? Spray with water, shake, and let air dry.

About our Ponytails

infographic of INH ponytail describing product material

Our synthetic pieces are made of a premium quality, lightweight, vegan fiber from Japan and accurately mimic the look and feel of human hair.

infographic of INH ponytail describing product material

Our easy-to-use ponies blend flawlessly with your real hair and provide a comfortable, secure all-day hold.

infographic of INH ponytail describing product material

We pride ourselves on innovation and are always working to expand our range of shades, textures, and styles.

infographic of INH ponytail describing product material

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