The Hair Waver
The Hair Waver
The Hair Waver
The Hair Waver
The Hair Waver
The Hair Waver

The Hair Waver

Don't worry, be wavy

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Size Medium Waves/ 25mm / 8.5cm 3 barrel

Heat Plates Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze

Color Salmon Pink with White Grip Handle- fast heating while protecting hair

1 Year Warranty 

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

Get the beachy look without sand in your shoes with our First Ever INH hair waver. Featuring three 25mm  barrels, it makes it easy to get the perfect medium waves.

Styling is easy with our very first hair waver 

Say hi to the very first INH Hair hot tool. She's hot AF, with a temp of up to 450°. She's gentle too, with hot plates coated in a tourmaline ceramic glaze that'll minimize damage to your hair. It's easy to control the temperature and see just how hot things are getting with the easy-read LCD panel. And of course she comes with a heat resistant glove, so you can make waves without getting your fingers burnt.

A deep waver hair tool for beachy style

Our hair waver is the perfect way to add a subtle wave to your hair. Because it has Universal voltage it can be used anywhere — like at home, at the gym, or on your big European vacation. The tangle-free cord swivels, making it easier to reach every part of your head. Our hair waver is guaranteed under a one year warranty, so you can curl 'til your heart's content. Oh, and did we mention she's super cute too, in sweet shades of salmon pink and white?

*please see FAQ for details

Size Medium Waves/ 25mm / 8.5cm 3 barrel

Heat Plates Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze

Color Salmon Pink with White Grip Handle

Key Features

  • The 360° swivel cord makes The Waver easy to use at any angle
  • The Waver heats up quick, allows you to control the temp and goes all the way up to 450° F
  • Easy to read digital screen
  • Heat protective glove included - good hair days don’t include burns!

Styling Tips

  • Separate your hair into small sections. Make sure they aren’t too thick so that the waver can heat your hair evenly. Less Hair = Deeper Waves
  • Leave out the tips of your hair for a more beachy finish
  • Let your waves cool completely before brushing so they are able to set


Important notes:

The Waver comes with a 1-year warranty just to make sure you stay wavy. Our cord is also compatible with US/Canadian outlets.

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