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Claw Clip & Tinsel Hi-Lites

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Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just us? – Instantly transform your look this summer with the boldest & hottest hair accessories. With our metallic rose pink claw clip & trendy Tinsel Hi-Lites, you’ve got the metallic pieces everyone will be luster- ing over.

HOT METALLIC SUMMER by Lexie (@lexie_jayy) & Davis (@davis.bates) in collaboration with INSERT NAME HERE– inspired by the trend of the season, hot metallic.

  • Insert Claw Clip Here
  • 1 pack of Tinsel Hi-Lites in shade blue or pink

Insert Claw Clip Here: Our iconic hypoallergenic & biodegradable claw clip, now in a hot metallic rose pink. Use this claw clip to achieve all of the nostalgic viral hair trends that have been blowing up your feed. 

Tinsel Hi-Lites: Seamlessly add a pop of color & metallic sheen to any hair look in seconds with these holographic tinsel clip-in Hi-Lites. No damage or salon prices — just bold & fun color for hot girl summer hairstyles.

Tinsel Hi-Lites: 

If properly cared for your Tinsel Hi-Lites will last for years of styling! Here’s how to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible:

- Gently comb before & after wear
- Store in the included reusable storage bag

Check out our Hi-Lites Lookbook for greater tips & tricks on how to style for your Hi-Lites

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach my Tinsel hair extensions, Hi-Lites?

Here’s how to put in hair Hinsel Hi-Lites: 

Step 1: Part hair as you wish.
Step 2: Section off hair near roots in desired location (can be underneath a section of hair or on top).
Step 3: Clip in Tinsel Hi-Lites to your hair as closely to the root as possible. And voila!

Is hair tinsel heat resistant? Can I apply heat to my Tinsel Hi-Lites?

Unfortunately, no. While INFINI-FLEX hair is heat resistant, hair tinsel is not. Please refrain from heat.

Can hair tinsel get wet?

While Tinsel Hi-Lites can get wet, hair products with tinsel are not recommended for frequent washing. If your Tinsel Hi-Lites do get wet, it is important that you do not ring, twist or brush while wet. Let air dry, and gently loosen any tangles with your fingers. For more information on washing & caring for your hair extensions with tinsel check out our blog post

What's the difference between INH accessories and other brands?

It’s all in the details! We spent months extensively testing our hair accessories to ensure that what we produced was top tier. Some key differences include:


- Our signature claw hair clips feature branded INH debossing (so you know it’s the real deal)

- Ours are eco friendly hair claw clips, made with the top raw materials & not thin, cheap plastics

- Our designs feature extra reinforcement to prevent breakage– they even passed our step test! (because we’ve all broken more than a few claw clips from being clumsy!)

Can I use Insert Claw Clip Here and Tinsel Hi-Lites on my hair type? 

Yes! Both Tinsel Hi-Lites & Insert Claw Clip Here are perfectly damage free for every hair type — thick or thin. They’re perfect for heatless hairstyling.

How durable is INSERT NAME HERE's claw clip?

We get it. (*sigh*) We’re clumsy too! Our hair clips are extra pretty & extra durable. They’re made to withstand whatever life throws at you.

If it's vegan, what's your hair made of?

INFINI-FLEX™ is the closest person-made alternative to human hair

Created with human hair features, we use our proprietary INFINI-FLEX technology for the most realistic vegan hair extensions. This ready to wear, weatherproof, low maintenance fiber never loses its style or vibrancy.