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26" extra long and straight

$54 USD


26" extra long with tinsel

$63 USD





17" mid-length with swoop

From  $49 USD
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INH Hair clip-in ponytail extensions were made to be as versatile as you! Whether you have short, thin hair or just want to transform your look, our pre-styled ponies can do it all. The application process is quick and easy, which means you can get Instagram-ready hair at home in less than five minutes! 

All of our hair pieces are ethically sourced and quality checked for imperfections. Choose between 100% Remy human hair or our special signature vegan fibers from Japan that was made to look and feel like real hair! Whatever you decide, we know you’ll love the seamless blend and natural end look.

Style your Remy tresses with our hot tools for an even more elevated and versatile look! Check out our pony blog to learn more!

Get Dream Lengths with A Ponytail Extension

Our hair extensions for ponytails are our #1 bestseller, and for a reason! They instantly give your hair the wow-factor, and all you need to do is slip them on over your own bun or pony. From perky little ponies with a playful curl to super long and sleek designs worthy of Ariana Grande herself, we've got a ponytail extension for every style and occasion.


Channel Ariana with Our Hair Extensions Pony Tail Best Seller

If we've got anyone to thank for making ponytails cool again, it's Miss Ariana Grande. We love her style and it turns out she loves ours, too — you might have spotted our best-selling Miya pony in her 'In My Head' music video. Known around these parts as the '30 second dream pony' (cos that's how long it takes to fit), it's the absolute easiest way to get a sleek, glossy and long ponytail. At 24 inches, it's made for hair tosses and swishing around on the dance floor.


Hair Extensions for Ponytails in Every Color

We'll never forget your roots, girl. Our ponytail extension range features 11 colors to match yours, whether they're jet black, platinum blonde or any shade in between. Mix it up and choose a different color extension for a bold look — we love bright blond extensions against dark brown hair. But, if you want to channel your inner mermaid, our Magical Miya comes in vibrant hues like bubblegum pink, periwinkle purple, and aqua blue. No bleaching, no fading and no expensive trips to the salon. Just clip her in and live your best unicorn life.


Choose Your Ponytail Extension Alter Ego

We've got all kinds of hair extensions for ponytails, and all of them are packed with personality. We see them as your alter-egos — that's why they've got names, and why we chose 'Insert Name Here Hair' as our name. Hair can totally change how we look and feel, and with a ponytail for every day you're bound to find one to suit whatever you're up to. With her gentle curls and high pony style, Lily is totally demure and always ready to charm her bae's parents. Then we have Shayla with her long tight curls and plenty of attitude — she's your ride or die, adding plenty of sass to your fave streetwear looks.


Why Stop at a Ponytail Extension?

Playing with your hair is fun, especially when it only takes a few minutes — and zero commitment — to mix up your 'do. At INH Hair you'll find plenty of exciting options, based on the latest trends. We only use the best materials, whether that's the finest Japanese fibers that make synthetic extensions look real or our real Remy human hair. Check out our collection of buns for a woke-up-like-this attitude and our exclusive

U-Clip hair extensions for ultimate big hair energy. Or, if you're pretty attached to your pony, switch up your look by adding some instant bangs.