kacey ponytail on model
kacey ponytail cutout
kacey ponytail on model
kacey ponytail on model
kacey ponytail on model
kacey ponytail on model
kacey ponytail mirror photo
jet black kacey color swatch
black brown kacey color swatch
dark brown kacey color swatch
mixed brown kacey color swatch
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champagne blonde kacey color swatch
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black brown kacey color swatch


Tinsel Pony

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If all you ever wanted was a little magic, Kacey is your go-to. She’s classic and sleek, but mixed with tinsel for a modern twist. 

Fiber: Japanese Synthetic Fiber

Application: Full wrap

Length: 26”

Weight: 125 grams

Included1 versatile, non-static, reusable storage pouch, 2 bobby pins

Color: Available in 8 shades, view swatches above!

Style: Texturized Yaki Perm

Heat Resistance: We do not recommend heat styling because you will lose her natural texture and volume.

Styling Tips: Create a high or low ponytail and secure firmly with a ponytail holder. Insert the clip at the base of your ponytail and wrap the velcro and hair piece tightly. Secure with bobby pins.

Straighten your own hair before applying for the best blend or put your hair in a bun if you do not want it to be visible.


  1. The tinsel is mixed in the top layer of the pony. Part the tinsel and non-tinsel areas.
  2. Separate the two parts for brushing. Lightly spray a detangler or leave-in on non-tinsel areas of the pony.
  3. Brush the non tinsel hair with a detangler brush. Working from the bottom, mid to top.
  1. Then, brush the tinsel mixed hair lightly with your fingers. Avoid using a brush in this area, as the combing may stretch out the tinsel or cause the tinsel to break.

Worried about getting the wrong color for your hair? Don't! If you're concerned, we recommend reaching out directly to us on Instagram so one of our Color Experts can look through your profile and determine which shade would work best for you. We usually respond immediately.

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