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Shayla, Miya, Liane

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What makes this bundle special?

  • Best of the best: When we made the Liane pony, we knew we had a bestseller on our hands. That’s why we paired her with our classic bestsellers, Miya and Shayla, for a chart-topping trio of dream ponies.
  • Looks Natural: Whether it’s soft curls, tight spirals, or yaki-perm, our unique Japanese synthetic fiber technology makes for a natural look and feel that rivals your own hair. 
  • Never weighs you down: Simple velcro-wrap application and lightweight density is optimized for comfort.

Worried about getting the wrong color for your hair? Don't! If you're concerned, we recommend reaching out directly to us on Instagram so one of our Color Experts can look through your profile and determine which shade would work best for you. We usually respond immediately.

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