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This month we turned the spotlight on Ariel, @ariel.lola from Ontario, Canada.

Ariel gives us Elle Woods vibes in all the best ways! She’s currently a pre-law university student majoring in criminology, with an alter ego side that loves fashion & beauty.

Ariel is a dazzling Leo, who loves to protect her gorgeous natural curls with INSERT NAME HERE wigs & ponytail extensions, to instantly switch things up without the heat, damage or commitment. 


Why did she choose Miley & Billie?

Ariel started her INSERT NAME HERE collection in October 2019–  making this her 2 year hair-iversary! To celebrate, she chose Miley & Billie: here’s why:

“I chose Miley because the double buns are such a cute look that you can dress up or down! Plus, it is a fun change from the ponytail. I chose Billie because when I wear her I get compliments all the time. She is a showstopper!”



Billie is an edgy, short, and sleek wig. At 13 inches, her beautiful metallic light purple with natural dark brown roots allow you to transform entirely in just a blink of an eye. Same you, new ‘do.


We like thick buns, we can’t lie! Simply clip our Miley buns over your natural hair buns for a space buns look that’s totally far out! Style her messy or polished, or try them with a half up/half down look, the possibilities are endless.

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