Want a little extra length and volume? These two babes help you switch up your look, without feeling overdone. You’ll still look like the natural beauty you are with 18 inch Jordynn ponytail and our 16 inch U-Clip extensions.


Meet Jordynn, our 18 inch clip-in ponytail extension (AKA your favorite girl next door). She’s super lightweight (only 110 grams) and her casual layered curls make her the ideal pony to wear all day every day.

16" U-CLIP

Our U-Clip Extensions were made just for yoU! Perfect for medium to long hairstyles, these 16 inch hair extensions add just the right amount of naturally wavy volume!



Good to Know:

Quick & Easy Application

Natural Look


Included: Reusable pouch
& bobby pins included with ponytail


How To Apply