Pink Quartz

Imagination, life is your creation! This punchy Barbie girl pink will help you see the world with rose colored glasses & ranges from hot pink quartz to a deep strawberry tint. This full-coverage, vibrant semi-permanent hair color is the perfect way to transform your hair at home! Our vegan and cruelty free formula deposits pigment while acting as a deep conditioner, leaving your hair hydrated, nourished and super soft. 


Good news! Insert Color Here is ready to use as it comes -- no need to mix this product with any developers, lighteners, or permanent colorants.


No damage or commitment here, this color is designed to wash out gradually over time.


  • 6oz.


*Amount will vary according to hair density

Highlights 1 jar
Above Shoulders 1-2 jars
Shoulders/Chest 2-3 jars
Below Chest 3+ jars

Check out our helpful guide & video tutorial here to learn how to apply your Insert Color Here, and all of our best tips & tricks!

    Good to Know:

    Vegan & cruelty free

    Free of sulfates, parabens & ammonia


    Suitable for all hair types

    Why our Hair color is better



    Conditions and protects hair

    No harsh chemicals

    Full coverage and washes out gracefully


    Damages and dries out hair

    Too many chemicals we can’t pronounce

    May leave streaky, uneven color

    How To Use