Why We Chose Each Disney Character

Why We Chose Each Disney Character


Pinch us! Is this just a fairytale?! Well...yes and no! It may seem like a fairytale but it’s just a dream come true: INH is really having a Disney collab! This collab is so special to us because everyone on the team has such a strong connection to all things Disney from their childhood. For the Disney and INH collab, we decided to come out with 4 new wigs inspired by Ariel, Merida, Snow White, and Esmeralda. What better way to share our excitement than to talk about each of their personalities and why we picked them for our next wig collection! 


ARIEL from The Little Mermaid

Personality traits: Curious, Whimsical, and Adventurous

What INH loves about her hair: The bold, bright red color that can catch anyone’s eye (especially someone like Prince Eric!)

Wig style: The Ariel has loose to curls at the end with multi-directional bangs

Length: 28” 

Why we chose Ariel: Ariel is the perfect example of never putting limitations on your dreams and if you really want something–go get it! Her determination to live (and sing) on her own terms and no one else’s made us super excited to create a wig after her. It really is the iconic waves, feathered bangs, and iconic Ariel red that does it for us! Plus, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid for a day?


MERIDA from Brave

Personality traits: Daring, Rebellious, and Tough

What INH loves about her hair: We love that her curls are as wild and untamable as her!

Also, come on...that hair color is one-of-a-kind! 

Wig style: The Merida has a mix of tight and loose curls with middle-part bangs

Length: 19”

Why we chose Merida: Merida always wanted to be in control of her own destiny, just like we should all strive to do! She never got bogged down by her mother’s idea of what a “lady” should look like or how one should act. Instead, she defined that for herself and stayed true to who she wanted to be! That’s why we created the Merida wig–vibrant, full-bodied, and fiery just like her! It’s the perfect statement wig filled with wildly fun curls. 


SNOW WHITE from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Personality traits: Kind, Fair, and Compassionate

What INH loves about her hair: Snow White’s short hair is so classic! She has such a perf look whether she’s running through the forest, cleaning up the place with her 7 friends, or waiting for true love’s kiss. 

Wig style: The Snow White is basically the long lost cousin of Henny, Jenny, and Penny but in a Black Blue shade! 

Length: 12” front, 11” back

Why we chose Snow White: Snow White’s compassion for both animals and other people is so important to us. She was always known for her physical beauty, especially with being named “Fairest of Them All”, but she also made sure she had a kind and gentle way with others. Also, Snow White was the first-ever Disney princess! Her classic jet black, shoulder-length hair makes for the perfect everyday look! 


ESMERALDA from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Personality traits: Fearless, Outspoken, and Witty

What INH loves about her hair: Her dark hair and luscious curls are the perfect way to grab anyone’s attention! Who says beauty can’t be a distraction?

Wig style: The Esmeralda has voluminous waves and includes a dark purple head wrap

Length: 20”

Why we chose Esmeralda: Esmeralda’s heart of gold and ability to defend herself in any situation is what we love most about her. She’s passionate and demands justice, especially when it comes to protecting her friends. Esmeralda’s natural waves and thick raven black hair give that classic yet unique vibe. We’ve also included her statement purple ribbon to add some extra fun! 

So what do all of these characters have in common? They never limit their self-expression and that’s exactly what INH is all about! We hope that whether you’re adding flair to your costumes or wearing these styles with your daily look, that you just do YOU and have fun with it! With this collab, we challenge you to allow yourself to fully explore your inner Disney heroine. 

Also, these Disney wigs give bold, fun vibes without sacrificing your natural appearance. All 4 wigs are hand-tied with wispy bangs that make for perfectly realistic hairlines, so you can achieve a modern chromatic hue that looks just like your real hair. Each wig is made with silky smooth Japanese synthetic fiber mix and has adjustable bands and comb clips for a secure fit. No matter the length or color, all of these wigs were designed for daily wear–breathable, lightweight, and of course, comfortable!

This collab is a dream come true for INH and we just can’t wait to see all of your Disney-inspired looks with these styles. Tag us @insertnamehere and use the hashtags #inhbabe and #DisneyandINH. We’re so excited to see all the magical looks you share with us! 

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Love the Merida shorter version but I wish you would make it in other colors. I have olive skin and I dye my hair in a more attenuated red. That is how I dye my color. To sell more wigs, it would help if you could use different colors compatible with the olive skin.

Dolly Bonsall Thomason

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