Summer Hair Trends Lookbook: 8 Ways To Style Crimped Hair

Summer Hair Trends Lookbook: 8 Ways To Style Crimped Hair

The classic 80’s, 90’s, and err… early 2000’s trend is back better than ever! Crimped hair may have been your parent’s go-to hairstyle, but this summer the infamous look is back with a twist. 

Unlike traditional harsh, rigid, triangular crimps - crimpers are now used to add subtle contrast and more volume. Even better, crimpers like Insert Crimp Here are made with round plates to give a softer look, that’s much safer for your hair. 

Not sure how to make this trend work for you? Here are 8 of our favorite crimped hair styles: 


1. Half-Up + Half-Down Crimped

2. Crimped Pony

3. Crimped Hi-Lites

4. Crimped + Waved

5. Crimped Pieces

6. Crimped Volume

7. Crimped Pigtails

8.Crimped Bangs + Long Pony



        Half-Up + Half-Down Crimped


        Spice up the everyday half-up, half-down hairstyle with a more playful version. Simply put the top half of your hair up, (we’re loving the two messy space buns seen in this look) and crimp the remaining hair left down. This look turns a boring everyday hairstyle into something worth showing off.



        Crimped Pony



        If you’re interested in the crimped hair trend, but not quite ready to dive in head first...this look is for you. Easily rock your go-to ponytail (high or low) and crimp the pony. Simple, right? It adds just enough contrast and texture without making you step too far out of your comfort zone. Pro tip: Want to try the look, but feeling like your pony is too short or thin? Try an INH clip-in ponytail extension for instant length and volume. 



        Crimped Hi-Lites


        Summer style is all about having fun with your look and incorporating color. This super fun hairstyle does both! Perfect for festivals or a night on the town - add pops of color with Hi-Lites and fun texture by crimping those colored pieces. The best part of this look commitment! Simply, remove the crimped Hi-Lites at the end of the night and you’re back to your natural look. 



        Crimped + Waved


        If you’ve been dreaming of looking like an ethereal mermaid this summer - we’re here to lead the way. This look may seem complex, but it’s easy to achieve in minutes at home with the help of a hair waver and crimper. You may expect that mixing the two styles would give a harsh, edgy look - but the final result looks soft, playful, and goddess-like. This crimped and waved hairstyle would be perfect paired with a summer dress at an outdoor wedding. 



        Crimped Pieces


        We like to think of this look as the modern crimped hair look. We’re not crimping and teasing our entire heads anymore. This style gives you just enough of the trend to stand out, without going too far back in time. Bonus points: it’s super easy to do! Simply choose pieces of your hair to crimp, starting from the roots to the ends. Add as many crimped pieces as you want! 



        Crimped Volume


        If you're into the idea or more volume, but not quite ready for a full crimped look - this style is perfect for you. Add instant volume to thin or flat hair, by sectioning off the top of hair and then crimping the roots of the hair underneath. Once you let the top section of hair down, you’ll have bigger, more voluminous locks. P.S. No one will ever know you have crimped hair! 



        Crimped Pigtails


        An edgy twist on a classic innocent hairstyle. Put your hair into pigtails (high or low) and give them more volume and contrast with crimps. This look is great if you have fine hair, or if separating your hair into two ponies usually makes it look thin. Pro tip: Use two clip-in ponytail extensions to take this look to the next level. 



        Crimped Bangs + Long Pony


        Turn heads with the contrast of a long ponytail and crimped bangs. Similar to looks we’ve seen on high-note-hitting celebrities -  this hairstyle is perfect for a night out or special event. Easily get this look with our Miya ponytail and crimper to add texture to your face-framing bangs. 

        As you can see, it’s easy to rock the resurfaced trend if you’re into low key looks or stand out styles. Ready to give crimped hair a try? We love to see it! Tag us in your favorite Insert Crimp Here looks @insertnamehere on social! 

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