Popstar Transformations

Popstar Transformations

If you are anything like me you grew up watching Hannah Montana and wishing you too could secretly be a pop star. We may not be able to make you a famous singer, but our hair can definitely help you nail the look. From wigs, to ponies, to extensions, you will be able to get the pop star look you have always dreamed of. 


Most drastic transformation? Always a wig! You can just pop it on and become a totally different person. Pop stars are constantly changing up their look, so naturally, you’re going to need a couple to really follow in your favorite icons footsteps. Luckily for you, we have create a few with your favorite pop stars in mind…. 

Billie Eilish:

Every since Billie has come onto the scene we have all wanted to be that bad type. Her looks  are changing all the time but one of our favorites is her classic silvery lavender color and dark roots. Our Billie wig is the perfect amount of cute and sassy. This wig allows you to get the super trendy color with none of the damage of bleach. For a similar look with a twist try our Stormi. Stormi gives you a similar color but with lots more length to play with. 

Photo from @makeupbyjesi on Instagram

Now if you are a dark hair girl through and through we have a suggestion for you. If you are really going for that Billie edge Poppy is the girl for you. This sleek natural black bob can be curled, straightened and styled however you please. For the final bit of Billie magic you could try a colored hair spray. We don’t recommend hair chalk as it could damage your piece while rubbing it on. If you do add color to your hair, we recommend washing it out right after use. 

Photo by @makeupbytreenz on Instagram 

While Billie loves her lime green you can get creative with this. Note: brighter colors will stick out best on the dark hair and if you add color to one of our lighter colored wigs just know it could stain or alter the color of your piece. 

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry is queen of changing up her look and our wigs can help you achieve some of her most iconic looks. Lately Ms. Perry has been rocking a short blonde cut. To replicate this look try out our Kennedy wig. This wig is classy and allows you to avoid the bleach and the salon. A Kennedy pro tip is to try using eyeshadow to darken the roots for a more natural daily look. Katy herself rocks the pure blonde but at INH we are all about never limiting your self expression so you do you girl. 

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga’s known for her bold and outrageous looks and we are here for the self expression! One of our favorite looks is her light pink hair. If you are thinking about diving into the world of colorful hair pink is the perfect place to start. Pink hair is sweet and cute and can totally change your looks whole vibe. To get Gaga’s iconic look try out Bunny. Bunny is a pink wig with dark roots and 28 inches of beautifully straight hair. 

Photo from @makeupbyjesi on Instagram

Demi Lovato:

Demi has changed her styles over the years but one thing has stayed consistent - her beautiful healthy hair. He long and often dark locks give her a classic look. You can achieve the same look with by slipping on our Kim wig. Kim has loose natural looking waves, gorgeous length with natural black roots that blend effortlessly into a rich brown color. This wig looks natural and is perfect for everyday wear - as long as you are ready for all the compliments.


While our wigs provide endless transformations, you can also get the popstar look with the perfect pony. This is a look that really took off this past year and luckily for you, we have ponies for alllll the lewks.

Ariana Grande:

It is well known that Ariana is known for her pony but did you know that her ponies name is Miya? That's right the Ariana Grande wore our Miya ponytail. Miya is 24 inches of fabulous. This pony gives you all the attitude you could dream of without the need of a professional stylist. If you are looking for some extra length and attitude step up to our Ariana pony. Ariana is 35 inches of pure popstar glam. 

Photo by @alysilverio on Instagram 

Kacey Musgraves:

If you somehow missed it, we launched a brand new pony. Her name is Kacey. This pony has it all, length, volume plus a whole lot of sparkle. Kacey is similar to our Miya ponytail but with an extra perk: Tinsel! She gives you all the shimmer and shine to make you feel like the real Kacey. If you are looking for even more ways to look like the country queen check out our Kacey Musgrave Lookbook to see how to achieve all her best looks.

Photo by @alanii_kaii on Instagram 


Many celebrities may seem to have hair to die for but their secret my just be extensions. Extensions not only add length and volume but they can completely change your look. Whether your hair is short and thin or long and thick we have the extensions that will amp up you look.

Selena Gomez:

Selena is a natural beauty who lets her hair speak for itself. She often rocks her hair down with some loose curls. With just one pack of our Lux Extensions you too will be able to achieve her look. Need help picking the right extensions for you? Click here to check out our blog dedicated to getting you the right match. Our extensions are heat resistant so whether you are going for Cher straight long locks or Selena’s glamorous curls your dream look is a possibility.

Photo by @alysilverio on Instagram 

No matter what look you decide to go for let INH products help you achieve it. If you try out any of these looks tag us on Instagram @insertnamehere and use the hashtag #inhbabes 

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