Kacey Musgraves Lookbook

Kacey Musgraves Lookbook

If you are anything like our team you have a major girl crush on Kacey Musgraves. Her music gives us all the feels and her looks give us major hair envy. We decided enough was enough and compiled a list of products to help you, and us, recreate all Ms Musgraves iconic looks. From Barbie blonde to luscious dark locks we got you covered. 


Kacey is known for her long dark hair that seems to effortly move with her on stage. There are two ways you can accomplish this. The easiest way to get the look is by slipping on our wig Kim. Kim not only gives you length you have dreamed about while also giving you soft and natural waves. This look is easy to wear and will leave people envious of your hair!

Remy Extensions:

Wigs may not be for you but don’t worry, our remy extensions will do wonders in transforming your natural hair into a stage ready look that can easily be taken onto the streets. For those of you already blessed with the length the medium remy extensions will add all the volume you could want. Now if you are looking for length and volume look no further than the Lux remy extensions. To get the most authentic look natural black is the closest match to our queen Kacey.


We all know that Kacey’s look never stays the same for long. One of her stand out hair moments was on the Met Gala’s steps. She showed up and showed out in a stunning blonde wig with volume and curls that even Barbie would be jealous of. You may never walk the Met steps yourself but you can definitely look gala ready. Our Paris wig gives you all the glamour while also being wearable. Just like Kacey, Paris will give you butterflies. 


Kacey may be known for having hair for days but she is no stranger to the world of buns. As with everything she does Kacey makes messy buns look easy. If you have ever tried to create the perfect messy bun you know that it is anything but easy. That was until we introduced Sammy. Sammy makes it easy to get the look without all the hassle. Our bun slips right over your natural hair and you can create many looks with just one Sammy. Kacey may love to rock a big messy bun but if you are looking for a different style click here to check out our blog post all about how to style your Sammy bun.


Kacey just doesn’t quit when it comes to showing off new looks. One of our favorite looks is her wearable and effortless curtain bangs. This trend has been huge this year and no one rocks them quite like our girl. With just 3 clips our Zooey bangs give you the look without the commitment to cutting your hair. All you have to do is clip and go. In seconds Zooey will completely transform you into a Kacey look alike. While this is a great look for any day if you are wanting to truly become Kacey you will want to choose natural black. Zooey can be added to your extension or ponytail looks for an extra bit of Kacey.


Anyone who keeps up with Kacey knows she is anything but basic. With that being said when we decided to create a pony in her honor we knew it had to stand out. Our tinsel pony exudes individuality as well as class. She is sleek and stylish and adds the perfect amount of extra to all your looks. Classic Kacey would be in the dark brown but our Kacey pony has plenty of shades for everyone. Whether brunette or blonde this pony will allow everyone to have a rainbow (or just some sparkle) hanging over their head.


Last but certainly not least is our Miya pony, while she herself is famous she can also make you look like a celebrity. Miya in black brown will give you a full pony with endless texture that closely resembles Queen Kacey’s. To get the quintessential Kacey pony look start by slicking your hair into a high pony that shows off your beautiful cheekbones. Once your ponytail is in place simply clip in Miya, secure with the velcro and rock your beautiful full pony. Miya gives you all the volume and length you and Kacey could dream of. 

As you can see when it comes to transforming into Kacey the possibilities are endless. No matter what look of hers you want to recreate we got you covered. 

If you try and recreate any of these looks tag us @insertnamehere on Instagram and use the hashtag #inhbabe. 

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