New year, new INH Babe of the Month! To start 2022 with a bang, we’ve plucked a new beauty queen from our INH Facebook group to celebrate — and she’s an icon. 

Say hello to Cadijha, a fab hair content & beauty enthusiast extraordinaire. She’s been rocking INH since February 2019 (so she’s basically an expert at this point). She loves to use INH to switch up her look & protect her curls (Spoiler alert: Shayla’s her fav, read on to learn why!). 

You can show this month’s babe some love on Instagram at @cadijhawilson.
In the meantime, take note of her best tips & tricks…



INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Olivia in shade black brown. 


What are your pronouns? She/her

Where are you from? Roanoke, VA

What do you do? Hair Content Creator & Beauty Enthusiast


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Lola in shade black brown. 


What is your Zodiac Sign? Aquarius

What is your hair type? 3b/3c Curls


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing her natural hair. 


What is your hair concern? Dry hair & finding new ways to protect my curls without damaging them


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Shayla in shade black brown. 


What & when was your first INH purchase?
February 2019! I kept seeing Sharon and Jordynn promote INH before it came out that they were the co-owners. I had decided to buy Miya for my birthday and instantly became obsessed on how easy it was to switch up my hair!


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Miya in shade black brown. 


What did you choose for your top picks & why?
Shayla, Brit, Lola, & the Revival spray.I wanted something that everyone could use for multiple occasions & they’re my favorites. Shayla being #1– She's lightweight and perfect for my curly babes. Next, would be Brit. She's perfect for date night and gives you that romantic look with her soft “S curl” wave. Plus do not sleep on the ombre shades!! Perfect way to try out different colors without the commitment to your own hair! Lola is a must have for everyone. She's the perfect length and so versatile! Lastly, you can't have an INH pony without the Revival spray! This spray is a game changer & everyone who owns an INH product needs this. Seriously, don’t waste all your time detangling your pony from a night out and get this. I HAD to include this in my collection for my babes.


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Brit in shade Honey ombre and revival spray.

How many products do you own? Too many to count. I have a stash I've bought with my own money and another stash I've gotten from content creating.


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Ivy.


How does INH make you feel? I love INH mainly because the products help me have that creative freedom that I couldn't achieve with my own curls. I can have pink hair one day, have straight hair the next, and end the week looking like a volume goddess sent from heaven (Chloe). You can be very extra all the time and I am so here for the vibes it gives me.


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Brit in shade unicorn. 


Where do you get your hair inspo?
Usually IG on my explore page. I'm always switching my hair up and never know what idea or concept I want. The explore page really caters to what I like and I love how I can find other creators in my niche to support.


Favorite hair hack?
Chloe! If you haven't seen my video in the Facebook INH babes page, run!! You do not have to have Chloe's curls or even curl your own hair to wear Chloe! Put your hair up in a regular pony. Clip the extensions to the back of your head and insert the pony like regular and viola! The best hair hack! Thank me later!!


INH babe @cadijhawilson wearing Chloe in shade black brown. 


Thank you for being such a special part of our INH community, Cadijha! Your tips, tricks & gorgeous looks deserve a round of applause from all of us. 

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