INH Transformation Challenge: Kacey Musgraves

INH Transformation Challenge: Kacey Musgraves

We challenge you! Here at INH, we cannot get over all the creativity our babes have. From cosplay, character bounding, and just plain old photo recreations, you guys are always killing it. So, our challenge to you is to create a look based on our monthly INH theme and share it with us! It is truly that simple. But what is a challenge without a prize?! This month's prize is a $200 INH gift card!

Once our theme has gotten your creative juices flowing - look for some inspo photos, plan your look, and get started. When you have finished your look, snap some selfies! Try setting up a self-timer or grab a friend to help you capture your look. Check out the complete rules listed below:


  1. Keep an eye on our social media accounts to find out each month's transformation theme.
  2. Take our theme and run wild with it - Find some inspo pictures, and get started. 
  3. Get creative here - consider using hair, makeup, clothing, and poses to achieve your ideal look.
  4. Once you have created your masterpiece, post it to your feed - don’t forget to include your inspo photo!
  5. To be considered, your profile needs to be public so we can see your look.
  6. Tag @insertnamehere and also use the hashtag #InsertTransformationHere.
  7. Don’t limit your self-expression! You can create multiple looks for multiple entries.
  8. You do NOT need to use INH products - all are welcome to participate.

Now that you have all the rules, let's get to the fun stuff! This month's theme is Kacey Musgraves. She's iconic, never afraid to be herself, and looks killer with pretty much every hairstyle. Her looks range from full glam to soft and dreamy, so really let your imagination run wild. 

Kacey’s aesthetic can look challenging to achieve, but we have some insider tips and tricks to share with you!

Tips and Tricks 

  1. Disposable Camera Vibe - Try the app Huji. This app gives you the vintage feel of a disposable camera without the wait. You can also upgrade the app and use it to add the disposable effects to any photo you have.
  2. Blur Your Image -While it's always poppin’, your lip gloss has a new purpose now. Adding a touch of lip gloss to your camera lens can create a blurry dream-like effect seen in many of Kacey’s images. Mess around with different colors, glitter/no glitter, amounts, flash, and no flash. We recommend a transparent gloss for the best effect.
  3. Moving Image - Another fun app is Dazz cam. This app makes your pictures look as though they are moving. It's a little trippy and a whole lot of Kacey vibes. To see the app in action, check out the video below!
Kacey Inspo

We chose to make this month's theme Kacey Musgraves for a couple of reasons. 1) She has looks for days! 2) She’s ICONIC 3) We wanted you to all have a reason to wear a tinsel pony!

Keep in mind Kacey is more than just a brunette: she is a badass, independent woman with some country roots and rainbow magic vibes. Let her look inspire you no matter what your hair color is!


Recreate her vibes, look, and attitude by merely throwing on our Kacey pony. Full of tinsel, volume, and class, this pony has quickly become an INH Babe favorite! Our Insta famous pony Miya will provide you the same volume and length but minus the tinsel - perfect for major transformations or just looking plain fabulous whenever you please.


If you are someone who likes to just slip into a complete look, this is your section! Kacey is known for rocking natural looking curls and waves, but those can take hours to achieve. Toss on our Kim wig and achieve that look in minutes!

No list of Kacey’s looks would is complete without mentioning her look last year at the Met. Kacey blew us all away by showing up in a stunning blonde wig that Barbie herself would envy. Whether this look is your inspo or you want to recreate it exactly, our Paris wig is the one for you. Paris is 28 inches of utterly glamorous curls.


The foundation of most great looks is fabulous hair. Our 100% Remy hair extensions will give you volume and length and allow you to recreate Kacey’s best looks. Kacey herself would wear natural black, but you can DM us on Instagram @insertnamehere to get color matched by one of our experts! No matter what color you or length you choose, these extensions will quickly elevate your whole look.

Bangs and Buns 

When you are the queen of switching up your look, you don’t have time to grow your bangs out. Do it like Kacey and clip your bangs in. Our Zooey bangs are 100% human hair and will give you bangs nobody will believe aren't yours! Kacey most frequently rocks curtain bangs, which can be achieved by splitting your bangs down the middle and brushing your bangs to each side. If you are looking for another effortless transformation, then Sammy is for you. Our Sammy bun makes struggling to create a perfect messy bun a distant memory! Throw Sammy on and create messy buns, ballerina buns, and much more.

Whether you are trying to look like Kacey or just getting inspired by her energy, we want to see! Tag us in your creations on Instagram @insertnamehere, and don’t forget to use the challenge hashtag, #InsertTransformationHere. If this challenge has inspired you to transform, even more, check out our INH Babes Facebook group. Our babes share all their INH looks while supporting, encouraging, and inspiring one another. Trust me; you won’t regret joining!

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