INH Hobbies

INH Hobbies

Hey babes!

Working from home has been tough, but has given us more time to think about ourselves and our loved ones. One of the ways we spend our time when we’re not working is pouring ourselves into our hobbies. From baking to experimenting with new makeup, here are some of our team’s hobbies. Try them out with us!

Makeup by Zanna

Zanna (@zanna.morre) has always loved makeup, but her obsession became real when she discovered Youtube tutorials during her senior year of high school. She started practicing blending her eyeshadow every night before she washed off her makeup. It became her creative outlet, and she loves experimenting with color and trying new techniques like this one! Look at that blend!! For Zanna, it’s not about looking beautiful, it’s about expressing yourself. Pull up some Youtube tutorials and spend your extra time blending, babe! 

Makeup details

Eyes: Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions Palette

Lips: Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip in Commando


Baking with Hayley

Hayley (@hayleypo) loves passing the extra time by baking with her mom! They recently made the yummiest Snickerdoodle muffins! For the full recipe, check out the Dear Crissy website and try it for yourself! Whether you’re a master baker like Hayley or just want to experiment, now is the perfect time to go to your kitchen and throw on an apron!

Watercolor with Jenn

For Jen’s (@justjmina) hobby, you’re going to need watercolor paints, paint brushes, a cup of water, and paper. There’s not really an instruction manual for watercolor painting, so let your creativity run wild! Jen’s biggest tip is to “never judge something you’re making while you’re creating it. Especially if it’s something that you’re making for fun or just for yourself to enjoy. Don’t worry about the outcome, just focus on having fun and testing your boundaries.” Those are words to live by. Need inspo? Find something you like and try to paint it! Jen says “Have fun, experiment, and paint whatever the heck you want.”

Crafting with Marie

It’s time to get crafty and make dreamcatchers with Marie (@liamarizle)! You’re going to need a metal ring/hoop and your choice of yarn. 


  1. Measure desired length
  2. Cut yarn double the desired length
  3. Fold yarn in half then loop around the ring and pull yarn through the loop then tighten 
  4. Repeat this process until your have a cute design that you like 
  5. Cut and trim the yarn to your desired design 

Pro Tip from Marie: Get creative with colors and placement! 


Tie Dye w/ Britt

Britt (@brittneykitty) starts off with the Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit and 100% cotton shirts that she gets at Michael’s! She follows most of the instructions that come in the kit, but she only uses half of the dye from each bottle for a more faded look. Plus, she gets another round of dyeing out of the kit, and who doesn’t want more tie dye in their closet? Before tie-dyeing the shirt, she’ll pre-soak it and then directly put the tie dye on it. Check out for design inspo!

If you decide to try out any of these hobbies, share it with us! Tag us @insertnamehere on Instagram and use the hashtag #INHBabe!



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