How to Use Insert Crimp Here Hair Crimper

How to Use Insert Crimp Here Hair Crimper

Are you looking for out of this world crimps without all the extra hairspray and frizziness? Well, we got you covered with our Insert Crimp Here hot tool! This is no '90s Crimper; this is the ultimate hot tool to take crimps and volume to the next level. Unlike standard crimpers, Insert Crimp Here has rounded plates that are safer for hair, gives you crimps in seconds while still looking natural, and lets you tailor your crimps to how you want them to look. 


How to use the newest modern crimper? Well, luckily for you, we put together a step-by-step guide on how to use Insert Crimp Here, so let's get into it.




The first step is to make sure you have clean, dry hair. If you have damp hair, make sure to blow dry it before crimping! 

The second but most important step when using any hot tool is a heat protectant spray. We always recommend using a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to your hair or your extensions! Flame Fighter adds an extra barrier between the heat and your hair strands and fights off unnecessary frizz you don't want while nourishing it with quality ingredients you do want.




Lastly, section your hair by splitting it into two sections (an upper and lower section). Secure the upper section into a bun or with a claw clip, leaving the inner sections down. You can leave all your hair down or section your hair into more significant pieces if you are short on time.




This beautiful pink crimper is the best with its adjustable heat setting up to 450 degrees and its rounded ceramic plates that are safer for your hair and allow you to get all the volume you want. It also has rapid even heating to make sure all your crimps come out looking gorgeous.


After the crimper heats to your desired temperature, take one of the hair sections and place the crimper close to the root. 


Next, place hair between the two crimper plates, hold for two seconds and release. Continue the same motion until you get to the ends of your hair. For more relaxed crimps, run your fingers through the section of hair you just crimped. 


Continue the same process until you have reached the outermost parts of your hair. 



Here is some more inspo for crimping...



How can I add more volume?


First, section a thin layer of the top of the hair and secure it with a clip.


Next, crimp roots of unclipped sections by quickly tapping crimp to create light volume and texture. Hold for longer to increase the volume.


Then unclip hair to cover crimped roots and brush through your hair with your fingers once more for a natural finish (see pics below for before after results).








-Don't forget to add a sleek finishing serum or spray to help with any unwanted frizzy flyaways   

-Add a little hair spray at the end to keep crimps in place all-day  

-For tighter crimps, use smaller sections of hair 

-When finished using the crimper, let it cool down and use auto safety to shut off and lock

-Remember to only use on dry hair




-110-240 voltages are allowed when using Insert Crimp Here  

-Keep the hot tool in a dry & safe space 

-Clean inside with a damp cloth and avoid using any harsh cleaning agents 

-See manual for any other safety advice


Insert Crimp Here brings crimps to the next level in every way possible. Get your crimps on without the hassle and have all the volume and looks in seconds. Style your ponytail, extensions, or natural hair with the crimper. Anything goes with this one, and if an unexpected malfunction happens, not to worry, babes, we've got you covered under warranty for one year!





Change your style up and try out some fun crimps however you want to! Check it out, gift it to a friend, or grab it for yourself, and make sure to share all your future at-home results with us on the 'gram @insertnamehere and use #inhbabe.


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